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The ultimate gift guide for expecting parents

Becoming a parent is one of the most life-altering changes a person can go through, and the amount of gear needed for a little one’s arrival can be overwhelming. Parents-to-be need a village of supporters to help prepare them. They also need  their friends and families to show that they’re thinking of them. Whether for a holiday or baby shower, these products are at the top of any expecting parent’s list (whether they know it yet or not).

This funny and unique gift will save expecting parents endless potential fights over whose turn it is to change a diaper (or wake up for a feeding or take out the trash or …). Take the emotion out of it and take your chances with a coin flip with this brass coin. Larger, thicker, and heavier than a quarter, it reads “your turn” on one side and “my turn” on the other.

The Boppy pillow is a versatile gift for parents-to-be. It can be used to prop baby up while feeding (either breastfeeding or bottle feeding), for tummy time, as a buffer behind babies who are recently sitting up by themselves, and more. Don’t worry about someone else is getting them one — they’ll want one handy in every room!

New parents don’t have the time or energy to go get a massage or give each other back rubs like the old days, even though new parenthood is when they need one most. Massages aren’t just for relaxation but also for comforting aching muscles from leaning over feeding and changing a baby all day and night. This neck and shoulder massager with heat is a thoughtful gift that will get a lot of use.

Before you need bibs for solid foods, you need bandanas for drool, spit up, and milk feedings. New parents may not know they’ll want this, but veterans know all too well that daily laundry takes up a large part of baby parents’ lives and that if you can save an outfit change by changing out a bandana it’ll make everyone happier. This eight-pack comes in a variety of gender-neutral designs and parents can’t get enough of these.

As parents-to-be await their bundle of joy’s arrival, they are anxiously anticipating getting to see their baby. Ultrasound images are the first pictures they’ll ever have of their baby and they are treasured throughout pregnancy and after. Gift them with this frame that reads “love at first sight” for them to keep the images safe and in a place of honor in their home.

Expecting parents get lots of newborn gifts, but they’re still exhausted and in need of new gear as their little one quickly starts to grow. Three-month-old babies still need a wearable blanket solution that makes them feel hugged as they outgrow the swaddling phase, and there’s a reason Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit is called magic and is a parent favorite. The microfleece and cotton padded sleep suit is like a safe, wearable pillow for babies ages 3-9 months who weigh 12-21 pounds. Nothing is at a premium more than sleep for new parents and this suit will keep their baby asleep — which means they can get some shut eye, too. They’ll love that you thought of what they’ll need for their 3-month-old ahead of time so they’ll have it ready to go.

Once you become a parent, household chores like vacuuming become harder to find time for and also become necessary more often — it’s a recipe for exhaustion. Take their mind off of the mundane so they can focus on snuggling their new baby with an automatic vacuum cleaner that can be scheduled to clean up every day. It’s self-charging and has anti-bump sensors so you can really set it and forget it.

Night lights and white noise machines are both essentials, and this product combines the two with some desirable upgrades with a modern and neutral design that will fit any nursery. Turn the sleek noise machine on and off with a tap and increase and decrease the volume with the corresponding buttons. You can also set a timer for it to turn off after your chosen length of time from 15 minutes to two hours. Choose between 14 music tracks that range from traditional white noise and a fan noise to nature sounds like birds or waves. There are also three lullabies and the nightlight is a soft and unintrusive way to light late-night diaper changes or leave on for baby all night.

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