The best changing table pad covers for a smooth diapering routine

Keeping your baby warm and cozy is one of the secrets to winning at parenting. And every time you need to unwrap your bundle of joy for a change, you take the risk of a nuclear crying episode. Good thing you can prevent such a catastrophe by making sure your baby lies on one of the softest, nicest, and most comfortable changing table pad covers we have in our curated list.

The first few months — if not years — of your baby, you will be doing one thing more than anything: changing diapers. Around every three hours. Having the best changing table pad cover will save you much time and frustration; plus, add a plastic liner if your pad is not already in a plastic cover. Keep your pad dry and ready for the next diaper change with these carefully selected suggestions.

BROLEX Stretchy Changing Pad Covers

Best overall

Give your baby the best experience and avoid any discomfort with the BROLEX Stretchy Changing Pad Covers, a mink-soft cover that fits most changing pads. The elastic bottom makes it fast and easy to change, and they include buckle strap holes that allow the safety straps of the pads through.

TILLYOU Jersey Knit Changing Pad Cover

Best breathable

The TILLYOU Jersey Knit Ultra Soft Changing Pad Cover is the perfect choice for extreme weather. The knit fabric is great for both hot weather and extreme cold. The softness factor is remarkably high and the material gentle with your baby. It has the sweat-absorbing feel of a cotton T-shirt for maximum comfort.

COSMOPLUS Stretch Fitted Changing Pad Cover 

Best design

If you are looking to keep your baby happy and make your nursery look cool, then the COSMOPLUS Stretch Fitted Changing Pad Cover is the way to go. This two-pack has incredible designs that will awaken your baby’s curiosity and make every diaper change a moment of joy. At least for a few seconds.

Be prepared for any diaper change. An extensive collection of changing table pad covers, wipes, antirash cream, and clean onesies will take you far in the parenting game. Make sure your baby stays comfortable and secure while you minimize the impact of the impending mess that will happen eventually.

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