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The best gummy prenatal vitamins for quick and tasty nutrition

When looking for the best gummy prenatal vitamin for you, look out for these primary nutrients that are key for a healthy pregnancy: iron, calcium, and vitamins A, C, and B12 complex. They all offer great benefits, which are hard to get enough with just a regular diet. Take a look at our healthy suggestions and get your daily dose of prenatal goodness

Your regular multivitamin will fall short when it comes to fulfilling your new minimum daily amount of nutrients. Prenatal vitamins offer elevated levels of folic acid, which is of critical importance to the healthy development of the baby’s brain. Also, they have a high concentration of vitamin D and calcium to support strong bones and teeth, specially so during the last trimester.

Garden of Life Prenatal Gummy Vitamins

Best overall

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The mykind Organic Prenatal Gummy Vitamins by Garden of Life are one the most comprehensive formulas and includes nine whole fruits into one bottle. This non-GMO dietary supplement includes all the basic vitamins and lack “candy” ingredients. It’s free of pig gelatin, corn starch, and additives. A great-tasting choice with targeted nutrients like folate and vitamin D.

SmartyPants Prenatal Gummy Multivitamin

Best non-GMO gummy prenatal vitamins

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If you are looking for the best option that is free of genetically modified organisms, the SmartyPants Prenatal Daily Gummy Multivitamin features a unique formula that includes all the common nutrients of prenatal vitamins and the addition of zinc, iodine, omega-3 fish oil and vitamin K. With a full spectrum of 18 essential vitamins, this product is backed by the latest scientific studies.

Solimo Prenatal Vitamins

Best value gummy prenatal vitamins

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For those looking for the best value, the Solimo Prenatal Vitamins & DHA are the way to go. Each bottle of 90 gummies supports infant health and development, and they give expectant mothers that lovely glow for an affordable price. They include a 45-day supply in each bottle and includes essentials such as omega fatty acids, choline, and folic acid.

Enjoy a healthy and exciting pregnancy with proper nutrition and the right supplements. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables of different colors, a good source of protein every day, and add the best gummy prenatal vitamins to make sure you have all the nutrients and natural elements you need to thrive during this wonderful period of your life.

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