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7 hilarious Instagram accounts every parent of toddlers should follow

When it comes to raising kids, parents understand the levels of patience it takes to do so successfully. Even with the best of intentions, as much knowledge as possible, and the desire to be the best caregivers as possible — all the while trying to raise good citizens — parents sometimes need to feel like they are part of a network of others who are simply hanging on and barely making it through. It’s part of what makes us all feel connected, knowing there are other moms and dads in the world making mistakes daily, while also showing themselves the grace of being human. This is especially true for moms and dads chasing a toddler around the park or doing battle over their tot’s newly discovered independence. That’s why toddler Instagram accounts are so refreshing!

If you need a pick-me-up, to smile at a silly picture, or to cry-laugh at a hysterical and eerily familiar toddler video on social media, then we have 5 hilarious Instagram accounts about toddlers that you must follow.

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Toddler Instagram Accounts

Pregnant Chicken

Understanding the struggle — and equal joy — of both giving birth and raising kids is something the creator of Pregnant Chicken, Amy Morrison, gets to a “t.” From funny TikTok shares to hilarious memes about the joys of pregnancy, birth, and childrearing, Pregnant Chicken has just what moms and dads need for a much-needed laugh throughout those long, endless needy days. Sprinkled in with her posts, parents will also find encouraging, and fact-wielding posts, offering advice and support to her dedicated list of 255k+ following.

Kids Are the Worst

Creator Anna Macfarlane sheds new light on approaching the idea of parenting — at least the idea of laughing at it. This “it’s ok to poke fun” style compilation of silly memes, funny videos, and reassuring quips is sure to keep you giggling every time you open the app. In addition to the shared content, Anna shares a personal caption on how the photo or video applies to the happenings of her life. She draws in her 616k+ followers with humor and sarcasm. This adds to, instead of distracts away from her transparency that parenthood is just so dang hard sometimes, that it warrants a laugh.

Ali Wong

If you’re a Netflix watcher, chances are you have seen comedian and fellow mommy, Ali Wong’s face on your “trending now” category at least once. Professional standup comedian by night and kick-butt, take no prisoners mommy by day, Ali Wong makes us all laugh right through it all. Her content is authentic and hysterical, making each listener feel comfortable and included when she discussed the not-so-glamorous sides of being pregnant and raising children. The “holds-nothing-back” honesty is part of what makes this super cool, hilarious human relatable by moms and dads everywhere.


Celeste Barber

This super funny and sometimes uncomfortably genuine actor and comedian hailing from the land down under has been a viral sensation for some time now. Weighing in with a staggering loyal following of over 8 MILLION followers, it’s no wonder why folks are following this smile-toting Aussie. Celeste has become famous for her absolutely hilarious recreations of beauty and fashion photos, giving them her infectiously hysterical rendition of how a real mom and wife would look in the posed and airbrushed images.

Father of Daughters

It’s true to say that not all primary caregivers are moms these days. Plenty of dads have given up their careers to stay at home, raising the kids and taking on all the responsibilities that could be the other partners’ responsibility given different circumstances. From sippy cups to pull-ups and tantrums to teething, dads are becoming more and more visible in the stay-at-home parent scene. And what better Instagram account to follow for fellow stay-at-home dads than an account dedicated to the task of raising girls. Content creator and page owner, Simon Hooper, alongside his wife, share their lives, struggles, and victories with a smile and joke on their respective Instagram accounts.

These well-versed, hilarious, and authentic content creators out there publishing funny videos, ridiculously hilarious photos, adding advice, or personal spins on very personal and stressful situations can open the door to a few minutes of relaxation after a long day of caring for kiddos. Moms and dads need breaks, need to laugh, and need to know they are not alone in this crazy game of raising children – toddlers especially. There takes a dedicated parent, lots of love and grace, and a few things to laugh at for caregivers and toddlers to come out of those sometimes-difficult years with kids in the “terrible twos and threes.” If you’re feeling like you need a pick me up, or simply to laugh at another parent’s mistakes while deescalating after a tantrum, then you’ll want to give these hilarious toddler Instagram accounts a follow.

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