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Double the fun: Essentials for every parent of twins

Oh, man. Twins. We cannot imagine. Twice the crying. Twice the diapers. Did we mention twice the crying? But, oh, twice the cuddles. Twice the belly laughs and twice the happy squeals. Parents, if you are going to have twins, congratulations, and good luck.

Being a parent today is hard enough. Parenting twins takes the whole village and then some. Let’s look at some special twin essentials to keep you sane.

Double stroller

This might be obvious, but a double stroller is going to be so important. Parents of twins will be lugging two adorable sacks of flour around, plus all of the regular baby items they have to drag everywhere, times two.

  • Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller

This is a lightweight, streamlined, easy to use stroller that only requires one hand to open it. It also works with the same Graco car seat, if you already happen to have that one.

We suggest a single file double stroller instead of a side by side. Those side by side strollers might be nice for the kids (they can see each other), but have you ever seen a parent struggling to get that thing through a door or in a crowded store? It’s not the most fun.

double stroller

Two bouncer seats

Okay, it might seem silly to get two of the same item, but are you always going to be holding one baby? Maybe, but hopefully not. We hope you get to put them both down at some point. Plus, it’ll be easier for your sleep-deprived brain to remember where they are if they are in the same seat right next to each other.

The bouncer seats are pretty easy to use and babies seem to absolutely love them. Whether you use this for quiet playtime or for pretending to watch tv, these seats can keep your babies entertained long enough to heat your coffee for the third time.

Nursing pillows

Whether mom breastfeeds or not, these pillows will come in handy, times two. They are good for tummy time at an elevated angle or for trying to learn to sit up. They are also good for regular bottle feeding, so your baby isn’t flat on their back.

Carrier or wrap

Baby wraps can be such a helpful thing. Some babies do not like being put down, and a carrier is the only way to get things done around the house. There are so many kinds, so you’ll be able to find one that you can get into and out of easily and wear for long periods without it hurting you or your back.

Diapers, all of the diapers

Okay, so diapers aren’t twin specific. But the sheer amount of diapers parents of twins will go through is crazy. It’s basically constant diaper changing. There is nothing that puts a smile on a parent’s face like free diapers. If you aren’t sure what to get a parent of twins, but you want to get them something to let them know you are thinking of them, get them a giant box of diapers and some wipes. They will appreciate it.

Something personalized

Having twins is always extra special. If you knew they were coming or if they are common in the family, it’s still a shock. But when the initial shock wears off, the fun part starts; shopping for twins is so much fun. The matching outfits. The funny saying onesies.

You can have blankets personalized with their name and birth information. You can have stuffed animals personalized with their information too. Pretty much anything can be tailored to them. Take advantage of the fun.


Something for the parents

The parents are going to be exhausted. Happy, but tired. Find something you can get them to show them they are still people and not only the parents of twins.

You can kidnap Mom one day for some regular human activities, so she remembers what it’s like to be a person again. You can take Dad to pick up the things on the list Mom gave him, so he actually does it.

You can drop off a care package for adults only. Snacks, booze (if mom’s nursing then skip that), comfy socks or slippers, flowers, baked goods, and all of the coffee. They need to indulge every once in a while. They have probably forgotten to lately.


Yes, you. Parents of twins are probably crying at every private opportunity they have. Whether it’s about financials, sleep, lack of sleep, or how they managed to have two healthy babies, they are having a cry somewhere in the house.

Help them. If you aren’t comfortable taking on the twins, roll up your sleeves, and do some housework. Get groceries. Bring them a dinner they don’t have to cook. Don’t ask if there’s anything you can do—go there and start doing stuff.

Okay, you are caught up on what you need for twins. We have given you enough information to be able to be of some help. Even if babysitting isn’t on your list of things you’ll do for them, you still have plenty of options.

Remember, you will probably be someone those kids go to one day when they get in a fight with their parents, so it would be good to know how to take care of them now.

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