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15 virtuous names for your baby from modern to more traditional

When you imagine the person you want your baby to grow into, do a list of positive personality traits come to mind? Maybe you want your future child to be honest and brave or loyal and fair.

Virtuous names are baby names that come with deeper meanings. Dating back to the Puritans, virtue names have remained popular through the centuries.

Looking through lists of virtue baby names for your child will give you a ton of options. From straightforward modern options like True and Harmony to traditional names rooted in old languages like Verity and Amity, virtue baby names have something to offer all parents.

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Virtue baby names


Although traditionally thought of as strictly a boy name, Candor can be used as a unisex name. The word candor means honesty and sincerity. Other interpretations include purity and innocence.


The name Charity is traditionally a girl’s baby name. Charities are known for giving their time and resources to help others in need. Naming your baby Charity implies selflessness and a love of helping others.


Originally an Irish name for boys meaning “like a lion” or “loyal,” Dillon can also make a cute girl’s name as well. The spelling Dylan is also a popular contemporary choice.


Faith demonstrates hope and peace. There are also many traditional and modern names across different cultures that mean “faith”, including Vera and Amani, if you want a more subtle option.


Faye may be seen as a girl’s name, but is actually considered unisex. The name Faye is derived from an old-time French word meaning “belief” or “loyalty”. Although the name is still pretty uncommon, Faye has risen in popularity.


The definition of grace includes poise and elegance as well as goodwill. The origin of the name Grace can be traced back to the Latin for “goodness”. Grace also appears in Greek mythology and the goddesses of nature. Grace is a popular first and middle name for girls. Grayson is an alternative for a boy name.


Does your future bundle bring you hope? Perhaps you want your baby to remember to keep a positive outlook. Hope means faith and trust. This simple name can be used as a first name or a middle name.


If you are looking for a more modern name, Joy is a simple, minimalist name that means happiness. Although some may consider Joy a girl’s name, culturally Joy can be a unisex name. Variations that keep the original meaning can include Joi and Joyce.

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Derived from the Biblical name Justus, the name Justice and its various spellings are a unisex baby name option. Justice means “fair”, “equitable”, and “done right by the law”.


Kurt, Curt, and Curtis are all traditionally boy names that derive from Old German languages for “wise” and “wise counsel”. Interpretations also include bold.


Noah is a popular boy’s name. The most well-known Noah is the one from the Bible. Because he was virtuous, Noah was chosen by God to build an ark before the world was flooded. Derived from the Hebrew word “Noach”, Noah means “repose” or “rest”.


There are a few interpretations of the unisex name Riley. One is the Irish Reilly, which is historically an Irish last name. Riley means “valiant”. Someone who is valiant shows perseverance and courage during tough times.


Solomon, a traditional boy’s name, comes from the Hebrew “shalom” and means peace. This classic name is made notable by the character Solomon from the Bible. Solomon was known for his wealth and wisdom.


A classic name, Valerie is rooted in French and Latin. A girl’s name, Valerie means “health” and “strength”. For those looking for a unique spelling, or for a more unisex approach, you could use Velerie.


For a less conventional, classic-sounding name try Wisdom. Although Wisdom may be viewed as a boy name, Wisdom can be a unisex name. The name Wisdom means “virtue” and comes from the definition of the word, which means “knowledgeable”, “experienced”, and “having good judgment”.

A name can say plenty about a person. The search for the perfect baby name can be tedious. Choosing from virtuous baby names can give your future little bundle of joy a strong namesake for the rest of his or her life.

A name can hold deep personal meaning, have a strong family connection, or have cultural significance. Baby names derived from positive traits and virtues give you classic and modern choices.

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