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Whitney Sandoval

Whitney Sandoval

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Whitney Sandoval is a freelance writer and educator living in the Midwest. She writes about parenting, accessibility, and higher education. When she is not writing, Whitney spends her time running, practicing yoga, and drinking too much coffee. Whitney's pieces have appeared in What to Expect, Healthline, and BestColleges.

A baby playing with the mobile above their crib.

One of these cool science baby names options will be perfect for your future scientist

Whether you love nature, innovation, or space, there are a ton of options for science baby names, and we have a list of the best ones for your little one.
Toddler in underwear

Why do toddlers take off their clothes when they’re angry?

There's a reason toddlers love to strip down when they're angry.
Child sitting in front of the TV

Is your kid having too much screen time? It depends on your laziness as a parent

Is screen time for your kids getting out of control? We'll help you reign it in and get your children's faces out of their screens.
Pregnant woman not feeling well

What are some COVID-19 symptoms during the second trimester of pregnancy?

If you get COVID in your second trimester, watch for these symptoms.
Sad woman sitting by a window

Is ‘uninvolved parenting’ actually neglect? We ask the experts

Uninvolved parenting is a parenting style that may or may not be for you.
Preschooler giving her teacher a present

5 inventive ways to pamper your kid’s teacher at the end of this school year

This school year was a doozy. Pamper your kid's teacher with these over-the-top ideas.
Healthy lunch for kids

These lunch ideas for picky eaters will get you through this endless school year

We have lunch ideas for picky eaters that will work for any school sack lunch or lunch at home.
Mother's Day gifts with a card

We’re over Mother’s Day flowers: Here’s what to get nature-loving moms instead

Five original Mother's Day gifts that go beyond Mother's Day flowers.
Child making a DIY gift for Mother's Day

6 incredible Mother’s Day ideas you can help your grade-schoolers set up

Want to help your kids plan the perfect Mother's Day? Try these ideas.
A smiling newborn baby in front of smiling parents.

Everything you need to know about properly caring for your newborn

Everything you need to know about properly caring for your newborn
A toddler not wanting to eat their food

What to feed toddlers with diarrhea to solve the problem fast

What to feed toddlers with diarrhea to solve the problem fast
mother and newborn baby

4 signs of a healthy baby that prove you’re doing something right

Signs that you're doing something right and your baby is healthy
Mom suffers postpartum depression

8 early warning signs of postpartum depression you need to look out for

8 early warning signs of postpartum depression you need to look out for
Pregnant person holding an apple.

Trying to get pregnant? Avoid these four foods, say experts

If you want to get pregnant, cut these foods out of your diet immediately.

Is it really that bad if your kid sits in front of the TV all day?

Is it really that bad for kids to watch TV? Here's the truth.

Does your teen seem depressed all the time? An expert tells us when to worry

If your teen seems depressed, watch for these signs that something serious is going on.
Teens having fun playing video games

How to treat your child’s video game addiction before it’s too late

How to detox your child from video games without a struggle.
toddler gift guide eating cake

Toddler won’t eat meat? How to turn them into a bacon and burgers lover

What to do when your toddler won't eat meat with the family.
The right (and wrong) ways to discipline stubborn teens

What causes teen anger? When it’s normal behavior vs. something serious

Here's when to be concerned about your teen's anger issues.
A group of toddlers happy and smiling.

15 virtuous names for your baby from modern to more traditional

Give your baby a virtuous name that'll suit them perfectly.
Pregnant woman with fever

Common second trimester problems: when to call your doctor

Here are common problems that could happen in your second trimester.
A young girls expresses her gratitude by givng a gift

How to easily teach gratitude to teens and tweens with these simple techniques

Here are some ways to teach gratitude to your teens and tweens.
maternity jeans the fashion item every new mom should have in her closet holding newborn

How a baby develops between ages 1 and 3 months old

Everything you need to know about baby's development from 1 month to 3 months.
common types of ultrasounds woman gets ultrasound

5 common types of ultrasounds and how they are used

Ultrasounds all around with methods explained. Types of ultrasound.
Mom trying to comfort upset teen girl.

7 common pitfalls to avoid when parenting your teen or tween

Here are 7 things you'll want to avoid when parenting a teen or tween.