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Sarah Jaffe

Sarah Jaffe

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Sarah Jaffe is a former lawyer and parenting writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and four-year-old daughter. She has written for Slate, Catapult, and The Rumpus, among other places.

A little upset boy pulling at his hair

Why do toddlers hit themselves? The reasons may surprise you

Why toddlers hit themselves is one of those parenting things you don't get prepared for. Let's dig into this part of toddlerdom parents will have to deal with.
Little girl about to throw a bowl on the kitchen floor.

Why toddlers throw things: What to do to stop them from breaking objects and driving you mad

Does your toddler have a great pitching arm? Find out why toddlers throw things, plus learn a few handy tips for redirecting this behavior.
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Why children have trouble making the ‘R’ sound, and when to call a therapist

Here's when to call a speech therapist for your child's speech impediment.
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Do ovulation trackers really work? Here’s what parents have to say

Here's what parents have to say about whether ovulation trackers work.
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The sweetest baby girl names that start with the letter “A”

The first letter of the alphabet has many beautiful girl names.
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Why do teens need so much sleep? Here’s what the experts say

Experts weigh in on exactly why teens need so much sleep
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What causes cholestasis of pregnancy and how is it treated?

Reasons some contract cholestasis during pregnancy.
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What is a cryptic pregnancy? Learn the symptoms and what to look out for

ere is the definition, cause, and treatment for cryptic pregnancy.
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8 cool pregnancy announcement ideas everyone will flip for

Here are some fun pregnancy announcement ideas that are unique and fun