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8 cool pregnancy announcement ideas everyone will flip for

Telling the world that you’re adding a new addition to your family is a great time for families to showcase their creativity and make people the people in their life smile at the announcement as well as the news! Whether you tie your announcement to a holiday, go for something silly, or stick with something more traditional, here are some ideas for how to tell the world about your new arrival.

Holiday-themed pregnancy announcements

If the timing of your pregnancy allows you to make an announcement around a holiday, we have ideas for you that cover the entire annual calendar.

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Pumpkin Patch

If you’re announcing you’re expecting in October, write the parents’ names on two large pumpkins, then any siblings’ names on medium pumpkins, and put a little pumpkin next to them. Caption it “We’re going to have another pumpkin in the patch! Coming [their due date].”

Baby Pumpkin Halloween Costume


Take pictures of your family in their costumes and caption it, “No tricks, just a treat! Our family is growing by two little feet.” If you don’t want to be in the picture, you can also use the same caption on candy bars: two big ones for mom and dad of the same type, and a fun-size bar of the same type for baby.


Take a picture of your mantle with two large stockings for the parents, a medium-sized stocking for any bigger siblings, and then a little tiny stocking labeled, “Baby [Last Name]. Caption it, “There will be three (or however many) stockings on the mantle this Christmas.”

Valentine’s Day

There are lots of ways you can use this holiday to make your special announcement: take a picture of cut-out hearts and caption it “Our hearts are about to grow.” Or, use large heart cookie cutters for mom and dad, and nestle one small heart cookie cutter inside one of the larger heart cookie cutters to show that you’re expecting. Some options for captions include: “Roses are red, violets are blue, we’re expecting a baby, and want to tell you!” or “Love is in the air and we wanted to share…our news!”

April Fool’s

If you want to really leave people guessing, announce your (real, no joke) pregnancy on April Fools! A simple sign will do, reading, “We’re expecting! No, really!” People might be confused, but they’ll catch on eventually.

Fourth of July

Take a picture of the flag, or of the family dressed in 4th of July colors, then caption it, “Red, white, and blue, our baby is due! Coming [month] 2022.” This is a cute and patriotic way to let people know that you’re adding a new little one.

Funny pregnancy announcement ideas

Ready to get some laughs? Share your news in fun and funny ways to keep it lighthearted.

Pet looking quizzical

Take a picture of your dog/cat/other pet next to a picture of the sonogram. Caption: “I thought I was your baby?” Bonus points if you can get your pet looking particularly quizzical or miffed!

Copy and paste

Have the non-carrying parent hold a sign saying Ctrl + C (the command sign on the computer for “copy”). Mom holds up a sign over her belly saying Ctrl + V (the command sign for “paste.”) Caption can say something like, “In case you don’t get it, we’re expecting! Baby Smith Coming [month] 2022.”

For those with pushy relatives

A simple picture of a stork or sonogram captioned “You can stop bugging us now!” should get the message across that you’re done with the unsolicited comments.

Any time

Want to keep it simple? The following announcement ideas can be used anytime!

Promoted to big brother/sister/grandma/grandpa

Use an online template to make a certificate that says something like, “For her excellent work and ongoing service, Annie is hereby promoted to BIG SISTER. Promotion effective [month] 2022.” Take a close-up picture of your older child holding the certificate. You can also this use idea for any relative. For example, “For her ongoing excellence in being the best mom, Susan is promoted to GRANDMA.” This is a sweet way to highlight all the people who are going to be in the baby’s life.


Lay out two donuts for parents, however many donuts for siblings, and a mini-donut on a plate. Then write “We’re adding a munchkin to our order! Coming [month] 2021.”

Ribbon around your baby bump

Tie a large ribbon or put a stick-on bow on your bump to make it look like a present, and include a “gift tag” saying, “Do not open until [your due date].

Have fun

Whatever way you choose to share the news with your family and friends, have fun with it! There’s no right or wrong way to go about sharing your wonderful news with the world, so the sky’s the limit on the possibilities for a fun and unique announcement.

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