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The sweetest baby girl names that start with the letter “A”

There are many lovely girl names, both classic and modern, that start with the letter A. Here are a few ideas for families looking for sweet “A” names for their new baby girl.


A classic name, and most famously the heroine of Alice in Wonderland, this name means “noble” and “kind” and has roots in Old French and German. Popular variants include Allison and Alicia. It’s a name with real staying power — though rarely breaking into the top 10 in any given year, it is in the top 100 names given to girls in the United States in the past 100 years.


This lovely name shares roots and has the same meaning as Alice — “noble” and “kind”. It lends itself to the adorable nickname Addy. A little Adelaide will share her name with everyone from a 10th-century saint to one of the heroines in the musical Guys and Dolls.


Flower names are always lovely, and Amaryllis is no exception. A little Amaryllis will share her name with a gorgeous flower that can be deep-red or light pink. In Ancient Greek mythology, Amaryllis was a nymph who loved a shepherd and pierced her heart with a golden arrow to win his love; the story explains that the flower that shares her name bloomed from her blood. The name means “sparking” or “bright”. The name appears in ancient works by Virgil and Ovid, the English pastoral poets, and famously in the popular musical The Music Man.

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From the Germanic word for “work” or “activity”, the name Amalia means “industrious”. It predates and is less common than its English-language variant Amelia, which was the sixth most popular given name for girls in the United States in 2020. From Amelia Earhart to Amelia Bedelia, a little Amelia will find lots of women to look up to with her name. Parents looking for a more unusual variant might consider Amelie, most famously the name of the beloved 2001 French film.


This name could be a lovely choice for a family that wants to honor an Ann or Anna in the family while giving their daughter a slightly more unusual name. From the Russian word for “grace”, a little Annika will share her name with characters from Pippi Longstocking and Star Trek.


In Greek mythology, Ariadne helped her beloved Theseus escape from a maze where he was sent to slay a minotaur by giving him a ball of string that would help him retrace his steps. The name means “most holy”. This name is fairly unusual, and just barely squeaked into the top thousand United States girls’ names in 2019, coming in at 999. A little Ariadne could go by the much more common name “Ari” as well.


This name combines the beauty of a classic name with the uniqueness of a modern one. It’s a feminine form of the last name “Aurelius”, which was the name of Roman emperors. It means “golden”


This name has become wildly popular in recent years for boys but remains a more unusual and modern choice for girls. Aiden was the name of an Irish saint who lived in the seventh century who is considered a protector. The name Aiden means “fiery” or “bright” and is thus perfect for a spirited little girl. It can also be spelled Aidyn or Ayden for a more feminine twist.


This is a modern name whose popularity has been climbing in recent years, but is still unusual enough that it’s likely that your Aspen will be the only one in her class. It evokes the beautiful tall trees, and, of course, the famous ski slopes of Colorado. For families who love nature and trees or skiing, this is a unique and lovely name.


The name Arya has gotten a huge boost in popularity from Game of Thrones fans who are inspired by the journey of Arya Stark, the fierce young fighter. While there may not have been anything particular “sweet” about that character, it’s a beautiful name for a little girl whose life will be full of daring adventures. The name has origins in Persian and Sanskrit, and means “noble” or “honorable”.


A unisex name that’s grown in popularity in recent years, Avery means both “wise” and “ruler of the elf-kingdom”. The name has appeared in the book Charlotte’s Web and the show 30 Rock. In the 1800s, Avery was exclusively a male name, but now it’s much more commonly a female one; currently, among new babies with this name, more than 70% are girls.

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