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5 fun games for kids to play when it’s snowing outside

We all want fun and engaging snow games for our kids. Whether you’re just getting a light dusting or it’s an all-out blizzard, if it’s snowing in your neck of the woods, chances are the kids are ready to play. And whether they’re bouncing off the walls during a snow day, or headed outdoors for some snow-time fun, here are five fun ways for your kids to play when it’s snowing outside. 

Indoor snow day games

Child at window

While most kids really want to get outdoors when it’s snowing, sometimes it’s just not possible, whether due to a lack of available supervision, bad weather conditions, or something else. When that’s the case, let the kids have some inventive fun away from their screens with a few indoor snow day games.

  • An indoor snowball fight. An indoor snowball fight is a fun way to play without actually getting hit in the face with a wet, hard pile of snow. Make your own snowballs from white socks (clean, of course) or buy some fake snowballs that actually feel like real snow. After the fight is over, you can still use the snowballs for more leisurely games of catch without the worry of breaking any furniture.
  • A snowman relay. If there are a few kids or family members in your household, you can hold a snowman relay. Divide the kids into two teams and line them up on a starting line. A few feet away, pile up all the snowman gear they need: Scarf, hat, mittens, coat, galoshes, and a carrot nose. When the race starts, the first runners will run to their gear, put it all on and race back to the next person on their team, hand them the carrot, and pass off all the gear, as well. The second person puts it all on and races back to the other point along your race line. The series repeats until one team wins!

Toddler-approved snow games

Toddler with snowman
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If you have a toddler or young elementary-aged child in the house, then you might want to go with a snow day game that’s a little gentler in nature than your average snowball fight. 

  • A wintertime egg hunt. Toddlers love looking for Easter eggs hidden around the house or yard, and you can have similar fun with a wintertime egg hunt — only your toddler won’t be hunting for eggs. Instead, they’ll be hunting for colored ice, which stays frozen in the snow and is easier to find thanks to the color. Making the ice is as simple as adding some food coloring to an ice tray (go with red or blue for extra-vibrant hues). Then, you can hide the nuggets around your yard for your toddler or younger children to find. The first person to find the most wins!
  • Snowman hat toss. For toddlers who can’t quite yet master the art of making a life-sized snowman, you can show them how to make a small, toddler-sized snowman or woman. Once they’re complete, grab a hat (you’ll need a hat with a rim, so a fedora, bowler, or panama hat, for example, rather than a toboggan) and challenge your toddler to stand a few feet away and accurately toss the hat onto their snowman’s head. 

For older kids and the entire family

For the older kids, the snow games can be a little more rambunctious. A favorite is creating your very own snow-centric obstacle course. The kids can create the course and compete against their friends, as well as their parents.

The basic supplies your kids will need? Really, just the snow and their own imaginations.

Snow can be piled up to create ramps, walls, and tunnels. Targets can be set up for a snowball-throwing challenge along the course. Other challenges at course stopping points might include moving shovels of snow from one pile to another or making a snow angel. 

You might be surprised at just how much an obstacle course like this can take out of you — and how much fun your older kids can have both making it and running it. 

After you’re all tired out from your fun day in the snow …

And after all the fun is done, it’s the perfect time to gather the family around for some hot cocoa, fresh cookies, and maybe even some homemade snow cream — and the making of all the above can be snow day projects in and of themselves!

But, if it is super cold that you can’t let your kids stay outside for long, you can try out games for kids and parents to play indoors, that are rather quiet.

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