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Dyson’s new vacuum proves your kids are just plain slobs

Let’s be totally honest here: No one relishes vacuuming at all. It is a chore, no matter how you slice it. Still, it helps when you have a high-quality vacuum to do your dirty work (ha, get it?).

The new must-have device for your home is from Dyson, of course. Designed by 370 engineers around the world, the new Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum features cutting-edge technology to remove more dirt and more dust from your house. Want to know how it works and why you should consider splurging on this super-sleek fancy floor cleaner? Read on for the top details on the new Dyson. (We have honestly never been so excited to clean!)

The newest vacuum from Dyson

The Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum with laser-detect technology might just be the coolest and smartest piece of home-cleaning equipment. It is designed to detect and find hidden dust measuring as small as 10 microns. A green laser light makes these invisible particles identifiable on hard floors. Furthermore, according to the brand, it has “an acoustic piezo sensor to enable scientific proof” that dust has indeed been vacuumed up. In other words, you don’t have to just trust that it works. There is an actual LCD screen on the vacuum that shows the count of particles collected and the average size of them (the machine is perpetually calculating up to 15,000 times in a single second).

The vacuum uses a Hyperdymium motor that can produce 230 air watts of suction to clean more, clean faster, and clean better. In fact, when used in auto mode, the sensor will reactively increase suction when it identifies larger concentrations of dust. Moreover, it has multiple layers of filtration that work to suck up 99.99% of dust particles.

Another updated feature you will absolutely love? The anti-tangle hair screw. If you have ever spent hours unwrapping pet hair (or human hair!) from the brush of your vacuum, you will definitely appreciate the simple but nifty addition of 56 polycarbonate comb teeth; they work to prevent hair wrapping from happening in the first place.

Plus, the new Dyson line of vacuums features three size options to fit your home cleaning needs.

Should you get the new Dyson vacuum?

Ready to start your vacuum shopping? Here are some factors to consider:

  • If you suffer from dust allergies, the new Dyson vacuum is a no-brainer; the machine can visually show you how much dust you would have missed using other vacuums. Plus, you will get the satisfaction of knowing how many particles you have actually trapped!
  • The new Dyson is expensive — so if you are on a budget, you will want to weigh your options.

You have to clean — so you might as well make your household work a little easier, a bit more satisfying, and incredibly effective with the right tools. The new Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum will ensure your home is as dust-free as possible. A healthier home, a happier you (even if you are stuck doing the chores).

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