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7 fun fall homeschool activities

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be all printouts and videos. The great thing about homeschooling is that it can look like whatever you want it to. The best thing about fall is that the weather makes getting outside for activities more bearable and more pleasurable for parents and kids.

We want you to combine the gorgeous fall weather with some enjoyable activities for homeschooling. Let’s check out seven adorable and fun fall homeschool activities that you and the kiddos will love doing.

A child making a leaf painting.

Leafy good times

Looking at the gorgeous brown, red, and orange colors of the leaves is exciting every year. Kids can have a fun time doing a few different art projects with leaves.

Make a leaf print

What you’ll need

  • Plate
  • Preferred colors of paint
  • Various leaves of different sizes
  • Blank paper (any color)

Have your child paint the leaves or dip them into paint poured onto a plate. Let the excess paint drop off and then gently press the leaf on the blank paper. They can use the leaves as a start of a creative art project or as art all on its own.

Leaf rubbings

What you’ll need

  • Chalk
  • Crayons
  • Leaves of various sizes
  • Thinner paper

Have your kids find some of their favorite leaves from the yard. On a flat surface have them put the paper over the leaf and do a gentle rubbing across the paper. Have them use different colors for different leaves and see if they can spot how they are different.

Fall photoshoot

What you’ll need

  • Camera (or phone)
  • Kid’s imagination

Yes, everyone loves a fall photoshoot – but let the kids do this one! If you have a polaroid or other camera and feel fine letting the kids use that one instead of a phone, then go ahead. But let the kids pick the place, the theme, and the poses. Go to a park or your own backyard and let the kids be the boss of this photoshoot.

A couple of kids lying in a pile of leaves.

Find it: fall edition

What you’ll need

  • List of items to find
  • Bucket or basket (if you want kids to collect items)

Scavenger hunts are the best fun. Hide things around your yard or a park. Or you can take a stroll first and see what they can have to look for. Give your kids a bucket, their list, and have them find fall-related items. A few leaves of different colors and acorns would be perfect to have to find. Scavenger hunts make the kids move around, use up energy, and create a little healthy competition with who can get done first.

Pick up pinecones

What you’ll need

  • Pinecones
  • Various paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Optional: glitter

Pinecones are another item (like leaves) that you can use for multiple projects. Have your child find some pinecones of different sizes around the yard. The kiddos can paint them all the same color, different colors, add glitter, or throw some stickers on. Let them add googly eyes and have a blast creating their works of art. You can put them in a little basket and set it on the porch for some decoration.

Apple orchard/pumpkin patch

What you’ll need

  • Cute fall outfits
  • Patience

We know – these two get brought up on every list. But there is something beautiful about watching your kids have fun at an apple orchard and crawl through a pumpkin patch. You can get some of the best pictures that you’ll cherish and the scenery couldn’t be more gorgeous. It’s so cute and the kids just eat it up. Some have a small petting zoo, so you get that whole adorable experience, and some have a little park to wear the kids out. Be sure to grab yourself some delicious snacks on the way out.

See the stars

What you’ll need

  • Telescope

A really fun science-themed activity the kids can do is check out the stars. The weather will be cooler so being outside won’t be such a sweaty affair. Sometimes the local library will have a stargazing night, so check with your local branch. Have the kids look up their birth sign and see if they can find their constellation in the sky. Find which ones will be visible at that time of year and have the kids look up the origins and tell you about them.

A playground in the autumn.

Parks for days

What you’ll need

  • Full tank of gas
  • Bag with drinks and snacks
  • Play clothes

We love parks in the fall. The kids have to learn how to play nicely with each other or share with other kids. The fresh air gets them ready for bedtime every day. They are strengthening their minds as well as their bodies. Look up all of the parks by you and see how many you can visit over the weeks before it gets too cold out. You can incorporate some of the other activities into your park adventures as well and tie it all together.

We think that fall is the best season, especially when it comes to homeschooling. Get your kids out in the beautiful weather and embrace nature together. The autumn season is the best for homeschooling activities for kids and parents. These 7 easy, affordable, and low-stress activities are a great way to get some schooling done and build that bond up with your kids. Homeschooling can be fun for everyone, and even more so during the fall.

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