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8 best bedtime books under $15 to read to your preschooler

If your little one is an avid book fan, then you are likely to be found near their bedside when the sun begins to fade in the sky, reading of princesses or pirates, elves or fairies until their little eyes begin to fade like the sun. If that’s the case, you may be in search of new material. While preschoolers are certainly more attentive than infants, and storylines will begin to matter, most books for this age can be read fairly quickly, making them just long enough to satisfy your child without carrying over into bedtime too much. If you’re on the hunt for some fresh characters and plotlines for your child, our list of bedtime favorites is sure to help without breaking the bank.

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Goodnight Moon

Parents and children have been saying “Goodnight moon,” along with many other goodnights to many other objects in the Great Green Room, for over 75 years. Goodnight Moon is a book considered by many to be a family tradition and a longtime publication classic. It has soothed many a child to sleep over the years and remains relevant to this day. This book is ideal for ages 0-5 years old.

Little Blue Truck

Blue and his friends take to new adventures around the farm and on the road in the children’s book collection Little Blue Truck. With its interactive-style writing, your little one will love to shout out Blue’s actions as he vrooms around corners and beeps to all his friends along the way. Perfect for preschoolers, The Little Blue Truck collection also includes seasonal favorites such as:

  • Goodnight Little Blue Truck
  • Springtime Little Blue Truck
  • Little Blue Truck Christmas
  • Little Blue Truck Halloween

Breathe Like a Bear

If your little one is active and has difficulty centering themselves or calming down before bedtime, Breathe Like a Bear may be just the ticket for your precious preschooler. Kira Willey, a celebrated children’s book author, helps bring a calming effect to your child’s bedtime routine by offering over 30 small stories paired with calming breathing exercises to help children find a sense of peace and calm in any situation.

I’m Not Tired

Every parent knows the scenario: They’ve just put their child to bed, and before they can make it down the stairs or across the hallway, their little one is out of bed, giving a litany of excuses as to why they are up. There was never a better time to use the restroom, get a drink, express insatiable hunger, or need 789,874,884 kisses and hugs for reassurance before sleep has finally taken them. Michael Gordon’s I’m Not Tired is an adorable rhyming book that helps little ones see the silliness of needing to get out of bed frequently, and it’s also sweetly paired with a rhyming banter that’s sure to make any preschooler smile.

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Daddy Dragon Saves the Day

In this sweet and touching book about far-off lands and mystical creatures, Daddy Dragon must care for the children after Mommy Dragon must go to a meeting, leaving Daddy in charge. Throughout the story, the youngsters make big messes and eventually are forced to recognize that their Daddy Dragon is a very hard worker, and they come to appreciate all the work when he swoops in to save them in the end. With its easy-to-read rhyming style, Daddy Dragon Saves the Day — with his little dragons in tow — will surely be at the top of your little’s favorite book list soon!

Disney Princess My First Bedtime Book

If your little princess is a lover of all things Disney, then we have the perfect bedtime book addition that your darling daughter will adore. Including tales from all the major Disney princesses, this book will take your Mouseketeer-loving little through their favorite movies — in less than 10 minutes! Disney Princess’ shortened and condensed versions are perfect for retelling the famous classics, with an abbreviated version that gives your preschooler the movie magic without the need for screen time.

I Love You to the Moon and Back

Probably one of the most recognizable goodnight sayings in pop culture these days, I Love You to the Moon and Back tells the tale of how deep a parent’s love is for their child. It tells a beautiful story of a bear and its cub, how they spend their day, and how deeply they love one another. This precious book is loved by many, and often the title develops into the saying that sticks and becomes how parents and their children end their evening just before sleep.

Fairy Tales: A Beautiful Collection of Favorite Fairy Tales 

In true classic form, Fairy Tales tells the stories of those classics from every parent’s childhood. Those tales include Goldilocks, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and The Three Little Pigs. Not only does this book tell the classic fairy tales of every person’s childhood, but it’s also beautifully illustrated. With eight individual stories, this book gives parents the option to read from it several times over the course of the week, telling a different story each time and enjoying those few precious moments before bed.

Bedtime is a magical time for little ones. Spending extra-special, quality one-on-one time with their parent, reading stories of distant lands, whimsical creatures, and thrill-inspiring adventures is something so many children look forward to. Why not mix things up and pick up some new material to share? You never know, your family’s new favorite classic could be well hidden within this list of staff favorites, just waiting to spread its wonder to your own kiddo.

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