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7 adorable night lights babies and toddlers will love

When it comes time for your little one to sleep on their own, whether that be in their own nursery or their “big-kid” bedroom, they may approach it with some trepidation. The dark can feel scary to children sometimes. But we can’t have them sleeping with a bright light on — that will negatively affect their sleep pattern. The solution? A good night light that will throw off some decent light, but won’t be too bright that it will keep your child awake. Here are some great night lights for toddlers that will look right at home in any nursery or bedroom.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine combines a night-light, sound machine, and a time-to-wake alert all into one neat little package (Read our guide to find out if using sound night light for your toddler is a good idea). You are able to customize the color, sounds, and the brightness levels. It is all easily controlled through the Hatch Baby Rest app that you can get on your phone. This is a perfect addition to any nursery and would be right at home in yours.

Mubarek Kitty Night Light

This absolutely purrfect night light is great because it will go with virtually any nursery decor. It is USB rechargeable, so you never have to worry about putting batteries in it. It emits just enough of a soft glow to help your little one drift off to dreamland.

GE Color-Changing LED Night Light

Does your little one have a favorite color? With the GE Color-Changing LED Night Light, your child can go to sleep with this night light emitting their favorite color of choice. It has three modes: Soft white, color-changing, or solid color. It automatically turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn, saving you energy.

Ideas LED Night Light

This sweet cloud night-light emits just enough of a soft glow to help your children feel safe and secure when they are going to sleep at night. It has an automatic on and off light sensor, and it’s energy-saving.

myCozyLite Blue Night Light

Emitting a soft blue light, this compact night light is a great addition to any nursery or bedroom. It uses LED light to brighten up the room just a bit. This night light isn’t too bright or too soft; it’s just the right amount of brightness for your child.

Emotionlite Plug in Night Light

This projector night light casts soft colors across the walls and ceilings of your child’s bedroom or nursery. It has a dusk-to-dawn sensory, where it will turn itself off when it senses the sun rise.

Mudder Store LED Mushroom Nightlight

Your child can pretend they are in an enchanted forest with these adorable little mushroom night-lights. They look as if they are growing out of the wall! They cast just enough of a soft glow to keep your child happy, as it won’t be totally dark in their room. It has a smart sensor as well to turn on at night and off in the morning.

With any of these baby night lights, your little one will surely not be afraid to go to bed anymore.

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