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Enjoy family game night with these 10 awesome apps

Families that play together stay together. As corny as that sounds, it is absolutely true. Carving out family time is important for bonding between parents and kids. If you find it harder to get the kids to put their phones down to participate in family game night, we have your solution.

If your family won’t get their faces out of their screens, lean into it. The less you fight it the more fun you can have, especially when you download any of these family game apps. Let’s look at 10 games to keep the whole family on their phones for a good reason.

A mother and kids are playing a game on a tablet.

What Would You Choose?

For 12 years and older

This game is basically Would You Rather, but family-friendly. What Would You Choose? gives you a question with two options and you have to pick which you would rather do. Once you’ve answered, the game shows you what percentage of everyone who has played the game has answered. And if your kids are 18 or older, you can make it a more adult version. This game also works offline once you’ve downloaded it so you can play anywhere.


For all ages

Who can resist a game of Scrabble? This app lets you play a few different ways so no matter how old your kids are, everyone can have a turn. Go with the classic version, have a one-on-one duel, or race the clock. With so many options, you can keep this game in the rotation for quite some time. This app is free, easy to use, and lets up to four family members play at once.

Truth or dare kids

For all ages

This app looks amazing and we can’t wait to play it. You can go through the hundreds of preloaded Truth or Dare situations or make up some you know your kids will love. We appreciate that this app keeps the score for you. You can add up to six players so no one will feel left out. Set up everyone’s name and you are good to play.


Best for everyone

Cramble should be in the rotation all of the time. If your family loves ridiculous but accurate facts, this game will be your new favorite. Do you have a child who wants to know how many elephants can fit inside the Empire State building? Then you need to download this app immediately. The whole family can have a hilarious time learning random ways to measure objects, fill spaces, and expand their knowledge about animals.

A family lounging in the living room playing on their phones.

4 Pictures 1 Word

For ages 12 and older

If your kids love to do puzzles, 4 Pictures 1 Word will keep them on their toes. With almost unlimited brainteasers you can play this week after week and not get bored. Participants look at four pictures and figure out what one word connects them all. You can set this app to easy for the little ones or take it up to tricky if you have smarty pants kids who think they can take you down. We love that you don’t even have to create an account to play.

Family Feud

Best for the whole family

If your family loves to watch Family Feud and scream your number one answer at the TV, then this app should be on everyone’s phones. The game show has been on TV for decades for a reason. And any game that gets the entire family involved will keep the night going smoothly. You can switch between different modes and all of this can be played for free.


For teens and up

If you have kids who love to sing every song on the radio, then download Smule. From Disney songs to the hits you hear on the Top 100, this karaoke app will have the whole family getting their performance on. You can sing acapella, solo, or belt out tunes together. You can even add fun video effects and filters to get that music video quality.

Just Dance Now

For anyone of any age

You have to give Just Dance Now a try, even if you are a horrible dancer. Parents can think of it as the workout for the day. The whole family can learn the choreography of over 500 of the best songs out there. So show off those amazing moves that will embarrass your kids.


For everyone

This game is charades meets headbands, but you hold your phone up to your head. You and your kids will have fun acting out what the word is. Get the whole family moving and using their acting skills with GuessUp. You can pick between 50 different decks to guess from. From the kids’ favorite animated movies to Harry Potter, you can pick a new category every week for the entire year.

A mother and her kids hanging out in the living room while on devices.

Mario Kart Tour

For everyone

There is nothing like a good old game of Mario Kart. With Mario Kart Tour, you don’t need a Nintendo Gamecube to play. In this version, you can race up to seven other family members as long as everyone has their own device. You can have team races, change the kart speeds, race individually, and more. If the parents don’t always win, know that we will be disappointed.

Whether you like trivia, dancing, singing, or crushing it at Mario Kart, there’s a family game night app for your crew. Go ahead and have everyone grab their phone, tablet, or other device and see who comes out on top at the end of the night. The best part is there won’t be any pieces to lose. Just fun memories and good times to enjoy.

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