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Good, better, best: Portable air conditioners to beat the summer heat

There is nothing quite like summertime. The sun is warming up the water, pool, or ocean, we are outside so much more, the kids are out of school, and it is going to be a great season! But of course, along with the season comes heat that can be bearing down on us some days. When we need to cool off but don’t have the room for a window unit, a portable air conditioner is a great answer! We have found the best portable air conditioners and we are going to share our favorites with you below.

Good: AUBNICO Portable Air Conditioner

The AUBNICO Portable Air Conditioner is nothing short of powerful. It may be tiny, but it is mighty when it comes to cooling power. It easily pulls in hot air and releases cool and refreshing air. It is extremely energy efficient, and it only weighs 3 pounds! That’s a lot of power for a little unit. Not only can you use it as an air conditioner, but you can add ambiance to your surroundings with its LED mood lights. Plus, it uses a cotton filter in the unit, which helps to separate bacteria from the air. The water tank and filter are both easy to clean, and it is rechargeable via USB.

Better: TECCPO Portable Air Conditioner

This economical 8,000 BTU unit is perfect for when you want to cool down any room in a quick manner. It features oscillating vents to add a nice chill to any room, and it has a 24-hour programmable timer. This portable air conditioner is also a dehumidifier and fan, as well, so when you don’t need it to be totally cool, you can use the fan to make the room a little bit cooler. The practical and compact size of 14.7 inches by 13.5 inches by 26.9 inches enable it to fit in nearly any corner of any room that you place it in. Drainage is easy with this air conditioner, and you will not have to worry about water leaking out onto your floor.

Best: Vremi Portable Air Conditioner

The Vremi Portable Air Conditioner saves on your space and cools down a room in no time flat. You can purchase it in either 6,000, 8,000, or 10,000 BTUs, so it is up to you how much power you need when it comes to cooling your space. The unit has multiple modes that include cool, dry, fan, and more, so you can choose what is best for you and your space. The unit also features an easy-to-read LED display and a 24-hour timer, which makes it convenient to use. In addition, the air conditioner includes a “swing mode,” which allows you to enjoy the most airflow! The air filter in this unit is very easy to take out and clean. Plus, the handy rolling wheels on the bottom make it super easy to move when needed.

When it is hot out, and you are looking for a good portable air conditioner, these three are a great place to start!

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