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If your child is in speech therapy, these fun games can help them improve

If you have a child who is in speech therapy, you are going to understand the value of speech-therapy games that can help them improve upon things like their vocabulary and articulation skills. Sure, they may have a speech therapist, however, you as a parent can also help to strengthen their vocabulary while you are at home or when you are out somewhere. They are easy and fun to do. Check out these speech and language games that will help your child in their quest to speak better.

I went to …

This is a great game to play with your child. It begins with the letter A. For example, you would start by saying something like, “I went to the store and bought apples,” and then you would continue down the alphabet. So, next, after apples, you would say that you got bananas, clementines, fresh fruit, etc. By having your child do this, it will help to strengthen your child’s vocabulary skills, memory skills, and phonics skills.

You can also do it by using other examples, like animals at a zoo: “There was an anteater, and then they saw a bat. Next, a crocodile came into the picture … ” Follow whatever theme that you would like with this. It does not matter what you choose — as long as it is helping your child, then that is all that matters.

A boy with a flashlight in bed
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Flashlight word hide-and-seek

Kids will most definitely love this fun activity! Print out some of the words that they are practicing and tape them in various places around your home. Turn off all of the lights, and hand your child a flashlight and send them off to find the words that you have “hidden.” As they find them, have them say the words out loud so they are practicing them at the same time, without even realizing it. This is an activity that will probably work better with older children, rather than younger-aged children.

Car phonics

If you are in the car with your child, nothing says that you have to stop practicing their speech there! Explain to your child about looking out the window and finding things outside of the car that begins with the sound that your child is working on. For example, if they are working with something like a B sound, they could find things like “blue cars” or “birds,” or other things of that nature. It is a fun way to practice their phonics skills when you are on the go.

A girl drawing hopscotch with chalk on a sidewalk
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Sight word hopscotch

This is just like playing regular hopscotch. However, instead of numbers, you are focusing on writing the sight words that your child is trying to work on in the squares. Whatever they land on, they have to say them. All you really need for this game is a nice day to play outside, some sidewalk chalk, your driveway or walkway, and a little rock or a beanbag to toss. Not only does this help children with their speech skills, but it gets them outside and exercising, too! It is a two-in-one deal!

Fruit salad

Fruit salad is a great game to play when you take your children with you to the grocery store. Peruse the produce aisle, and have your child point out the different fruits and vegetables that are there.

If you feel so inclined, purchase some and bring them home with you. This way, at home, you can put a hyperfocus onto the fruit and your child can tell you what it looks like by saying the fruit’s name, what it feels like, etc. For example, you could teach them to say something like, “The banana is yellow.” By doing this, they are practicing their language skills. This is a great game for the younger set.

Treasure hunt

Your child likely has quite a few small toys that you can easily toss into a bucket or small tote. Do that, then have them close their eyes and reach their hand into the bucket. Whatever they pull out of the bucket, they have to state what it is. This helps not only to develop their language skills, but when you are taking turns it teaches them how to be polite, as well.

With these fun games, your child can excel in their language, phonics, and speech skills. They will never know that they are actually learning, but they will think that they are just playing!

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