End-of-the-school-year teacher gifts ideas

Teachers nurture our children and shape them into responsible young people. When we want to give them an end-of-the year gift, making something heartfelt is a good place to start. Material presents like school supplies for the classroom are always welcome, but you can help your child make something more meaningful with our list of six unique end-of-the-year gifts for teachers.

A PowerPoint presentation

Delivery method: Email 

This is one case where going digital is practical. If your child is old enough to access a computer and create a slide presentation, try making this virtual gift. On the other hand, if your child is younger, you can help them create this online with a template. Dedicate a presentation to the best moments your child had in your teacher’s classroom in the previous year.

For example, your child can dedicate one page to the best memory they can recall in the classroom, an inside joke or a fun activity. On another page, your child can explain to their teacher the most important thing they learned from the class. This can be a math lesson they particularly enjoyed or a sound piece of advice about life their teacher gave them.

Another idea is to include any pictures they took in the class either with their teacher or with their classmates. Their teacher will enjoy reflecting on the year just as much as your child will. This may even remind them of memories they had forgotten about the class.

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A thank-you poem

Delivery method: Email or snail mail

This gift is suitable for any school-age child. You can look at thank-you note examples online or thank-you poem prompts to get inspired. Ask your child to make the poem personal with special anecdotes from their class or something specific to their teacher. Furthermore, ask your child if their teacher had a family and if they ever talked about their family members. Is there something your child particularly admires about their teacher? Was there a specific occasion where your child’s teacher helped them overcome a challenging lesson?

If they like, they can write down the poem on paper and decorate it. During school, your child can personally hand-deliver the letter to their teacher so they can have a hard copy. If your child is graduating and will not likely see their teacher again, they can have the letter mailed to the school instead.

A cute desk plant

Delivery: Mail

Succulents are a popular gift idea, and each one is unique. Moreover, a desk plant lasts forever (given that they’re cared for properly) and is a nice daily reminder of the person who gave you the present. There are online boutiques where you can customize a succulent set for someone and have it delivered straight to their home. If you don’t know your child’s teacher’s address, mail the plant to the school when school is in session.

Alternatively, you can send them a gift card online to your favorite online nursery and let them pick out the plant on their own. The gift is still thoughtful, but this ensures they’re getting something they really want for their work space.

If you want to do a DIY succulent project, this is also very feasible. All you need are some small pots and succulent plants or cuttings. You and your child can customize the pots with paint, markers, or stickers for their teacher. Of course, this means you’ll have to drop off the plant to the teacher’s front door or school.

Class compliment jar

Delivery: Mail

Message the parents of your child’s classmates and have each child write a compliment addressed to the teacher. Write the compliments on individual notes and keep them in a mason jar or paper box. Additionally, you can ask the children to include anything they’re thankful for from the class. 

For an extra personal touch, you can use a chalkboard sticker to write the teacher’s name or a short note right on the jar. This adorable, heart-warming gift is sure to surprise and impress any teacher.

Send the container through snail mail or leave it on the teacher’s front door if possible. If mail isn’t an option, a curated Word document will still pack a cute punch.

Make a class video

Delivery: Email

If possible, hold a video call of your child’s classmates and say thank you together. If rounding up all the students is a hassle or if you’re experiencing technical difficulties, there is another way. Have each child record a short thank-you clip and designate one person to combine them into one long video. This thoughtful memento is something the whole class can look back on for years to come. 

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A fun twist to this idea is to make a group dance video to the same song. This might take a little more coordination (pun intended), but the results will be entertaining.

Treat them to a meal

Delivery: Pickup or front-door

This one requires you to be familiar with the home address of your child’s teacher. You can arrange for a restaurant or takeout spot to deliver a meal to a teacher’s home. There are endless choices, from savory meals to luscious desserts. An alternative is sending the meal to the school. Of course, make sure the teacher is in attendance and that they brought their appetite to class.

Another option is to bake their teacher a cake or cookies and leave it on their front door or the school’s front office. Make sure there are no common allergens in the recipe like peanuts, shellfish, or tree nuts. 

Teachers they’re walking angels who work tirelessly to develop our children’s social, mental, and physical skills. At the end of the school year, your child might want to surprise their teacher with an appreciation gift. An easy way to elevate your gift is making something genuine and sincere. With any of the unique end-of-the-year ideas on our gifts, your child can express just how much their teacher means to them in a thoughtful way.

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