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New Year’s resolutions the whole family will love to do together

Skip individual goals and create family resolutions for the whole clan

As a parent, you may fall into the trap of trying to make the same New Year’s resolutions no one with children could realistically stick to. Goals like “I’m not yelling this whole year” or “we’ll have screen-free time every day for 8 hours straight” seem to end up on the list, but go right out the window after a week or two.

Instead of dreading resolutions you know you won’t stick to, as a parent, try a more fun approach the whole family can get involved with. We have the family resolutions you should do this year instead.

Family cooking together in the kitchen

Family cooking night

Let’s face it — more teens know about Uber Eats than where the pots are in the kitchen these days. Even if you aren’t the best cook yourself, there are plenty of recipes that are easy to make, nice on the budget, or require minimal ingredients, depending on your family’s needs and comfort level.

Cooking is a great way to bond as a family, build your child’s self-confidence, and to turn it into a check-in time with everyone. Put on some music, let the kids pick a recipe from a few pre-selected, adult-approved options, and turn dinner into an opportunity to create memories as a family. Start with once a week and see how many more you can add.

Mom taking to her son

5-minute check-ins every night after dinner

If you can’t make dinner together as a family, or not everyone is home for the actual meal, then use the time after cleaning the kitchen but before everyone scurries to their favorite spots for the night for a check-in. You don’t have to spend an hour with each family member every night. Pick one question to ask each family member or a topic for everyone, and make the rounds. It doesn’t have to be a deep, philosophical question, but just something to get everyone comfortable talking to each other.

Can’t get to everyone every night? Designate specific nights for certain kids. You should still be able to get to everyone a few times a week, depending on family size.

Siblings sorting recyclable material

Find one way a week/month to reduce household waste

Households with kids create an unbelievable amount of waste. From trash to food scraps, it seems you’re changing the garbage constantly. Look into ways your own home can reduce the amount of waste that goes out.

Ideas for reducing waste

  • Create a compost area
  • Look into recycling
  • Make a grocery list every time you shop
  • Declutter and give away items you don’t use to local online groups
  • Take reusable bags to all stores you shop at
  • Buy secondhand when available

Write the weekly family dinner on the calendar, color coordinate the check-ins, and plan out the way you want to get your house to reduce waste. Instead of going for those New Year’s resolutions you know won’t stick to, try these more reasonable resolutions that include the whole family.

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