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7 nursing dresses and tops you’ll want to wear all the time

When you are nursing your baby, it is one of the most special bonding moments that there is. But nourishing your child should not mean that you have to wear frumpy clothing. In fact, there is quite an amazing amount of nursing dresses out there on the market that will make you look absolutely fabulous while you are nursing your child.

Liu & Qu Women’s Sleeveless Nursing Dress

This extremely fashionable nursing dress would have you thinking that it was just a regular dress, but it has a double-layer design for breastfeeding your little one. It is made out of rayon and spandex and is extremely comfortable, so you can nurse your baby in style! It is so comfortable, in fact, that the manufacturer says that you can even wear it as a nightgown if you wish!

Smallshow Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Nursing Dress

This dress is super easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion. It is super soft and stretchy, so you can be totally comfortable and breastfeed in comfort. It provides hidden access by just lifting up the top section of the dress in order to provide nursing access.

BAIKEA Women’s Floral Nursing Cami Sun Dress

This gorgeous nursing dress is made of both polyester and spandex, making it the perfect comfortable dress to wear when you need to nurse and look good while doing it, too! It features a double-layer, discreet feeding design, so you can feed your child easily. The dress is flowy and beautiful and would make great day and evening wear!

Bhome Nursing Shirt

If you are on the hunt for a fashionable top to wear while you are breastfeeding, this is it! With a fun color-block pattern, you will look amazing wherever you choose to wear this outfit. It is designed with double layers, so you can easily breastfeed your child on the go when you need to. It is made of soft and lightweight fabric, so you can be comfortable the entire time that you’re wearing it.

OUGES Womens Nursing Gown

If you need an occasion dress, this one would make a great choice! With its beautiful floral patterns and perfectly pretty pink color, it would work just about anywhere! It is made with 95% rayon and 5% spandex, making it totally comfortable for you to wear and nurse your child at the same time. It even has pockets, which is a huge plus for any woman who loves to wear dresses. To feed, just lift up the front layer of the dress, and you have total breastfeeding access.

Quinee Women’s Floral Short Sleeve Summer Nursing Dress

Coming in a variety of colors and patterns, this nursing dress is the perfect dress for late spring/early summertime. The front layer lifts up for easy nursing access, so you are able to lounge on the beach and feed your sweet little one at the same time. It is made with soft fabric, polyester, and spandex so that you are comfortable the entire time that you are wearing this dress. It is a great dress to wear for any occasion at all.

Motherhood Maternity Women’s Asymmetrical Ruffle Surplice Nursing Dress

This fun A-line dress has a cute asymmetrical surplice making it a cute dress to wear out, especially during the summertime! It has a front modesty bodice. All you have to do is lift it up, and you are able to feed your growing little one with ease! Made of super-comfortable polyester and spandex, it will fit wonderfully and comfortably on you!

No matter what dress or top that you choose, you are going to be one stunning mama, and it’ll be super easy to breastfeed on the go!

For a distinctive fashion style, get inspired from our list of vintage-inspired maternity clothes for all expecting mothers.

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