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The best baby girl dresses for special occasions

If you’re buying a dress for a special occasion, be on the lookout for clothing that is decorated appropriately for a holiday. Certain patterns go better with certain celebrations.

Baby girl dresses add a particularly feminine touch to a baby’s wardrobe. The dainty size of a baby’s dress is sure to conjure up some smiles from whoever sees your child wearing one. Let’s take a look at a few of our top picks.

Touched by Nature Girl Organic Cotton Cardigan and Dress 

Best dress and cardigan set

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Touched by Nature Girl Organic Cotton Cardigan and Dress come in prints that would make it an appropriate Christmas baby-girl dress. Each set includes a dress in a playful design and a long-sleeve cardigan in a complementary hue, and is available in sizes from 0-3 months to 5T.

Flofallzique Baby Girls Toddler Tutu

Best tutu dress

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Perfect for special occasions, Flofallzique Baby Girls Toddler Tutu has a floral motif and a brightly colored tulle skirt. These tutu dresses have a ruched cotton bodice and a 100-percent polyester skirt.

Hudson Baby Girl Cotton Dresses

Best dress two-pack

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Hudson Baby Girl Cotton Dresses are sold as coordinating sets of two in a range of trendy designs. One dress in each pack even has a small bow on the front of its collar.

Putting your baby girl in a dress is a neat way to dress them up. Babies are sure to appreciate the freedom of movement they have in a loose-fitting garment like a dress.

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