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Unique girls’ names for your daughter – get inspiration from this list

Unique girls' names to help your little one stand out

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When it comes to choosing a name for your daughter, you want it to be so many things. You want it to fit her personality, be something she’ll like when she’s older, and something she thinks suits her. It’s a difficult decision, especially with all the choices available. Many parents want to take a different approach and pick a name you won’t hear being called all over the playground.

If you want something more unusual for your little one, opt for a unique girl’s name that will set your daughter apart. There are many rare girls’ names your daughter would grow up loving to be called, so look through this list and see if any of them click for your little girl.

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Why you should pick a unique name

Sure, if you give your child a name that’s a little different, they probably won’t be able to find their name on a keychain or coffee mug, won’t see it spelled correctly on anything, and have a lifetime of having to pronounce or spell it out for everyone.

But if you give your child a name that’s not heard all that often, you will give them something unique enough to help them stand out and give them more individuality. Children are going to be known for something, whether it’s as the kid with the curly hair or as the kid with the intense blue eyes or the kid who likes bugs, so might as well give them a rare name they’ll be known for.

If a traditional name just isn’t something you want for your child or you don’t want your kid to be in class with two other children with the same name, a standout, unique name will be perfect for your little one.

The most popular girls’ names

If you want to make sure your child doesn’t have one of the most popular names out there, then steer clear of the five that parents use the most. Olivia has topped the baby girls’ name list for a few years now. Emma and Amelia are right there with it to take the second and third spots, with Sophia and Charlotte coming in to round out the top five most popular names for a baby girl. While four out of five of the names are similar and end with the same sound, they are all classically beautiful names. Let’s take a look at those girls’ names that aren’t on the top 10 list.

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Unique girls’ names

A distinctive girl’s name is one that isn’t among the most popular girls’ names of the year. If you’re searching for a name that’s endearing, but not common, here are the 10 best ones to pick from.


If you love Irish names, this is a lovely one. Aisling is pronounced (Ash-ling) and means “dream.”


For a simple name that’s definitely different, try Nori. It’s Japanese for seaweed.


English majors might take a liking to this gender-neutral name. Arden comes from the mind of Shakespeare. It’s the name of the forest in As You Like It.


Jane Austen fans will recognize this one, but Darcy isn’t just the last name of a character from Pride and Prejudice. It’s an Irish girl’s name that means “dark-haired.”


This name may ring a musical bell from Les Miserable. Not surprisingly, Cosette does have its origins in France and means “little thing.”


Another unique girl’s name is Calista. Calista has its roots in Greece and means “most beautiful.”


Racing fans may recognize this name. Danica is actually a rare girl’s name with Slavic origins, which means “morning star.”


A willow is, of course, a beautiful tree. The name, however, is from the Old English word “welig” and makes for a charmingly unique name for a girl. Or, if you are a Buffy or Willow fan, it’s also a cute nod to the show and the movie.


This name is a combo of two traditional German names: Anna and Elizabeth. You could also spell it “Anneliese.” Annalise means “graced with God’s bounty.” This one gives you quite a few nickname options, as well.

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Other rare girls’ names

If those names aren’t striking a chord, try these uncommon girls’ names. These are fun, different, but still won’t cause people to completely question if that is your child’s name or not.

  • Adelaide
  • Fallon
  • Enya
  • Harper
  • Marlena
  • Penelope
  • Vera
  • Wren
  • Zuri
  • Sage
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Look for unique names within your favorite theme

Another way to make sure your child’s name is unique not only to them, but to you, and holds a special meaning within your family is to look through names within a certain theme that you love.

If you love old names

  • Blanche
  • Agnes
  • Dorothy
  • Edith

Those old names just hold a special something, don’t they? You don’t see them often, and if you do, it brings a smile to your face.

If you love the water

  • Eldoris
  • Afton
  • Cordelia
  • Alda

Whether the name literally means the word water in another language or it’s a name for a goddess of water, these water-themed names are all beautiful.

If you love science

  • Astrid
  • Beatrice
  • Vesta
  • Cressida

From females that contributed to science to names of planets, these space and science-themed names are sure to stand out.

As you decide on a name for your little girl, remember, there’s a lot in a name. There should be meaning behind what you go with, and any of these unique girls’ names will give your daughter a charming, memorable identity. It could be stressful having to pick the word that your child will be known by for their whole life, but choosing one that people will be sure to remember will be a fun way to make it a beautiful process instead. If you decide to go more traditional instead, maybe keep these in mind for the middle name.

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