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6 cute girl names to consider for your baby in 2024

Get inspired by these cute baby names for your little girl

Cute baby girl surrounded by possible names
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If you’re expecting a baby girl this year, you may have started making your list of possible names. It’s a task that can seem overwhelming to some expectant parents because choosing the perfect name for your baby girl can seem a bit daunting.


People often consider how the first name will flow with the last name, what the initials will be, and whether they want to choose a family name. You may be looking for something unique or may be happy with something more classic or trendy. If you’re looking for some name inspiration, we’ve got six cute girl names to consider for your baby in 2024.

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Nameberry is predicting that Asha will quickly become one of the most popular baby names of 2024, thanks in part to the Disney movie, Wish, featuring a protagonist with the same name. Although the name has many different origins, Asha can mean anything from fortunate, happy, rich, and even life.

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Kai is such a wonderful choice for a baby girl’s name and one that is quickly growing in popularity thanks to not only being cute but also gender-neutral. Kai is typically thought to be of Hawaiian origin, meaning “sea.” If you want to get creative, you can also spell the name Cai or Khai, or find your own variation of the name, like Kaia.

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SJ Strum, founder of the baby name consultancy company Baby Name Envy, noted on her Instagram that retro names are going to be big in 2024. She writes that retro names, like Birdie, are the “perfect blend of vintage gold, nickname as first name and main character energy.”

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The hold Disney has on the baby name market cannot be denied! Strum, in a press release with greeting card site Thortful, noted that while Disney-inspired names like Bambi and Minnie are becoming popular among celebrity babies, she predicts names like Aurora (after Sleeping Beauty herself) will top the charts this year.

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Katniss Everdeen may have been the hero of The Hunger Games series of books, but it’s her younger sister whose name is predicted to be one of 2024’s cutest and most popular new names. suggests that “word” names, like Primrose, Magnolia, Briar, Serenity, Dawn, and Emerald are all going to be popular this year.

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Names that could be nicknames but are used as a given name are super cute and popular for baby girl names. Brynn at Nameberry thinks that Leni will be one of those very popular name choices for 2024. “I see Leni on what feels like every expecting parent’s list, either as a full name or as a nickname for Eleanor, Lennon, Elena, etc,” she writes. “And sounding like the boyish nickname Lenny is a plus — just look at the recent success of Frankie, Charlie, and Stevie as girls’ names.”

We hope we’ve given you a bit of inspiration to help you pick the perfect moniker for your little girl!

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