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4 ways to make going back to school fun for kids

Summer is winding down, and the kids heading back to school are probably nervous about going back, but also sad that their summer vacation is over. It’s up to parents to make the transition a little easier and smoother. Making sure they get a good quality education is important, but so is their mental health. They may have some jitters about going back, but it’s easy to create some back-to-school fun that will get them in the school spirit in no time at all.

Back to school shopping

One of the very best parts of going back to school for kids is going back to school shopping. They love perusing the water bottles, backpacks, and lunch pails, amongst many other items. If you get them in on the fun, it will be great for them to pick out what they want, knowing that they are going into school with something that expresses their personality perfectly. In addition to school supplies, kids love to pick out their own clothing.

In addition to big-box stores, remember to check out the mom-and-pop clothing stores, stationery stores, and the like. You never know what they will have. Plenty of times, they stock some pretty cool and unique items that your child may like for school. There are interesting journals, notebooks, pens, totes, and so much more.

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Host a back-to-school party

Now, this can be with just your immediate family, and everyone can celebrate with delicious treats while they talk about why they’re excited about school. On the other hand, and this may help with your child’s anxiety about school a little bit, they can have some of their friends come over and just make it a fun night. You can have games set up, or you can make it unstructured, let the kids mingle kind of party. Make dinner easy on you. Finger foods are good, and pizza is a great choice. Then grab some sweet treats for after dinner and the kids will be thrilled with their “back-to-school party.”

This is an activity that will help your child open up a little bit more when they go back to school. It’s great for the other kids that attend the party, as well. School-inspired games can be a fun activity and even an icebreaker for some kids. Then, at the end of the night, you can give the kids some special advice about going back to school, and hand out school-themed goodie bags with items like pencils and erasers in them.

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Create a space for them

For many children, the thought of homework does not excite them. This is especially true when they feel like they do not have a private space to do their own homework. A great idea is to create a space or a kind of “nook” for them to do their homework in. Help them find a good spot, give it a good cleaning, and have them make it 100% theirs by decorating it however they want to. This can not only be a homework nook, but a reading nook as well, or just a special place that they can go to when they need some quiet time.

Alternatively, if there is not one already in their room, create a space for a desk. Not only will they think that it is great because they are getting older, but a good desk and chair will go a long way in helping them do their homework. Decorate the desk with pencil holders, pencils, sticky notes, and whatever they like, so they can make it theirs.

Back-to-school-eve dinner and routine

Nothing says special like enjoying your favorite meal. Allow them to pick out what they want to have for dinner the night before school starts. Get the whole family to sit down to dinner and “celebrate” going back to school. On the other hand, you could even celebrate by taking them out for lunch or dinner. Even better, let them pick the restaurant where they want to eat. They will love that you are giving them that kind of control and will definitely enjoy a pre-school-eve outing!

While going back to school can be a little bit nerve-wracking, it does not have to be. You can show your children that it can be a great experience and is something to look forward to. These tips are here to help give you ideas of what your child might like to do before they go back to school. You can even talk to your child about it and see if they have any ideas of their own. That way, you can both get excited about the start of a new school year.

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