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Good, better, best: 3 of the best baby bibs you can get today

When Baby starts to teethe, Baby begins to drool. Incessantly. Like a bulldog.

In a matter of minutes, your little one may soak their clothes, their skin, and anyone who dares approach that adorably sloppy mouth. Of course, while you could keep patting, drying, and wiping that sweet and shiny face (and neck and body!), you could also invest in some quality drool bibs. They will keep your sweetheart’s clothes drool-free — and save you the trouble of multiple outfit changes. Ready to get one (or two) for your leaky-mouthed love bug? Skip the baby store; we know exactly what you need. Here are three of our favorite options.

Good: Parent’s Choice Cotton Mock-Neck Drool Baby Bib

Got a super drooler on your hands? Your baby needs more than a regular old bib — they require a full-coverage mock-neck option. Made with plush cotton and terry knit, this one is soft and ribbed to absorb milk spills, drool, and other mystery liquids. (Oh, the thrills of early parenthood — ain’t it glamorous?) With its high neck, it is designed to help keep Baby’s chubby neck skin folds dry, clean, and stink-free. (Seriously, have you ever smelled a baby’s neck folds?) Machine washable, this is a versatile option that is also great for messy puree eaters — outfit protection at its best!

Why we like it:

  • Great for drooling babies
  • Great for messy eaters
  • Machine washable

Better: aden and anais Essentials Bandana Bib

Made with three layers of absorbent cotton muslin, this bandana bib is equal parts mini fashion statement and functional essential. It is super soft and machine washable, and features two easy-close snaps at the back for an adjustable fit — making it perfect for newborns and older infants alike. This bib is available in neutral prints and super-cute designs. Scoop one up at Target; you can snag it ASAP with curbside pickup, two-day shipping, or opt for same-day delivery with your Shipt membership.

Why we like it:

  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable
  • Great for newborns and older infants

Best: Wiland 360​​° Rotate Soft Baby Bib Anti-Stain and Odor Resistant Bib

Made with 100% cotton, these super-gauzy and totally breathable 360-degree baby bibs are super absorbent with eight layers of plush protection. They will soak up drool, drinks, and food. What’s more, these bibs come in all sorts of adorable designs, prints, and patterns. Highly rated and available via Amazon Prime, you can get a set of these sweet saliva catchers in two quick days.

Why we like it:

  • Variety of designs
  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Super absorbent

These days, that teething teeny-weeny of yours may resemble a running faucet. But with a good, absorbent (and comfy) bib, you can keep your cutie-pie dry and happy as a clam. What’s more, baby bibs come in handy for spit-up sessions, breastfeeding blunders, bottle feeding spills, and messy mealtime eating. They are versatile and affordable — so stock up on them and see which ones you like best!

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