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3 budget-friendly babymoon ideas for new parents

When you hear the word “babymoon,” you probably envision a heavily bumped and bronzed woman luxuriously lounging in a five-star resort’s infinity pool, sipping a fancy mocktail, and relishing in the calmness of the moment. While this is certainly one amazing way to enjoy one more pre-baby hoorah with your other half, it is definitely not the only option for soon-to-be moms and dads. Moreover, it is also probably not the most affordable way to spend a few days and nights.

Fortunately, you can still have an incredible couple’s vacation without dipping into your family savings account (you are going to be parents, after all!) or resigning yourself to a staycation in your own home. Need some destination inspiration? We are sharing three fantastic babymoon ideas to help you celebrate this milestone in style and remain on budget.

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Stay at a hotel in your own town

Traveling is expensive. One major way to save is by staying close by. You can avoid pricey airfares, train tickets, or tanks of gas by choosing a destination in your own backyard. This is a great option if your main priority is enjoying a luscious hotel bed (that you don’t have to make!), ordering room service, dipping in the pool, and soaking up the delightful amenities that come with resort or hotel life.

Of course, if you want to get a little non-lounging activity in, too, you can also play the part of tourist in your own town: Go to local museums, shop neighborhood boutiques, and try a new restaurant on the scene. Just do not let yourself fall into the trap of living your normal everyday life while “staycationing” — so put on that out-of-office email auto-reply and skip the humdrum errands for a day or two. Pretend you are truly away — even if you are really just five minutes from your house.

Take a mini road trip

Feeling adventurous? If your pregnant self can stand the idea of sitting in a car for a few hours (do not worry: Lots of pee breaks are allowed in your condition!), consider taking to the open road for a car trip. If you like to be active, a national park will offer you physical activity — hiking, sightseeing, nature walks, etc. If the beach is more your style — and within driving range — pack your bikini and show off that bump by the shore. Or, a bustling city could give you lots to see, do, taste, and browse.

You will need to figure out accommodations. Consider renting an apartment or condo for a weekend — check Airbnb or Vrbo. You will not have all the perks of a hotel, but you can make your own meals, which can add up to more significant savings.

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Go camping together

Okay, hear us out. Sleeping in a tent might not sound like the ideal option when your bump is large and in charge. But if you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can upgrade to a cabin or rent an RV for the weekend. It is certainly not going to be the traditional, luxe babymoon you may have initially imagined, but it will be an amazing experience, nonetheless, chock-full of firepits, s’mores, and staring up at the stars.

There are lots of incredible babymoon destinations to consider, from tropical resorts to five-star city hotels. This is a special getaway opportunity for you and your partner — a way to spend some quality time together before your little family becomes, well, just a little bit bigger. If you want to watch your budget, consider reining in your options; you can still have a fabulous vacation without spending big bucks.

You just may have to compromise your plans a teeny bit. But hey, you will be spending a few quiet nights with your plus-one, soaking up some peace and quiet — so, really, no matter what or where you choose, it will be a major win. Things are about to get real loud and real wild and real awesome in your life. For now, relax and take in the serenity. Babymoon — here you come!

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5 weekend babymoon ideas to relax before baby arrives
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Quick beach getaway
There is nothing like the fresh air that comes with lying on the beach, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the lull of the ocean waves. Having your toes in the water as you sip on a mocktail is heaven to a pregnant mom. So, pack up your favorite swimwear and take a trip to a nearby beach where you can enjoy the cool water and explore a quaint beach town in the evenings. You can relax and recharge while working on those sandcastle skills that you will surely need down the road.

Fun road trip
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City trip
Hanging out in the city and checking out all of the sights and sounds is always enjoyable, too. There are so many museums, gigantic buildings, and plenty of people watching to do. Not to mention, cities are known for wonderful restaurants, and the food will be even tastier when you are eating for two. Plus, think of all the fun baby boutiques that you can check out to find some really adorable stuff for your bundle of joy. When the day is over, retire to a lovely hotel room and relax in a comfortable bed, turn on that huge television, and drift off to sleep with a cozy comforter.
Nature getaway
If you're a fan of Mother Nature, a getaway to the woods or mountains is just the ticket. Rent a sweet little cabin fit with a fireplace so that you and your love can snuggle by the fire. There are plenty of activities to participate in. You can take an easy hike or take part in some nature watching, fishing, or even just resting comfortably inside the cabin, kicking back and relaxing. It's a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Plus, since you'll be in a quiet place away from it all, you'll have a true chance to connect with your partner and savor each other's company.

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