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We love these creative maternity photoshoot ideas

Maternity shots that will stand out more than your belly

A couple with their hands over pregnant belly.
Nandhu Kumar / Unsplash

When someone shows you their maternity pictures, you’ll probably look at the same types of poses over and over again. So, when it’s your turn to capture that belly on film, you want to make sure your pictures don’t look like everyone else’s. If you can’t think of how to snap pictures of your growing bump, give one of these different themes a try. Capture the magic with inspiration from any of these maternity photoshoot ideas.

The more, the merrier

Here are some ideas that involve more than Mom.

Pregnant holding her child
Cavan Images / Adobe Stock

Invite everyone in the shot

Do you have furry, four-legged children? Include them. Do you have older children? Make sure they get in there. Have a partner? Maybe get one or two with them, as well. Yes, the focus is on the pregnant person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a few shots with those you love the most.

Take this one further

Let’s get even more into this idea. If you have multiple generations of females alive and well, try getting a photo of them all together.

Take things outside

Consider these ideas that include the outdoors.

A profile photo of a pregnant woman outside.
Josh Bean / Unsplash

Embrace the bad weather

Sure, freezing in the snow or getting wet in the rain probably isn’t the most fun. But when you get the pictures back, the raindrops and snowflakes will give things an almost ethereal and magical look. And really, you’ll only be outside for a few minutes, so you won’t hurt yourself or the baby if you bring coats and umbrellas to use in between the shots.

Show your city some love

If you are in love with where you live, show it off. Take that bump to your favorite coffee place (keep getting that decaf), the art museum, the park, the local library, or wherever your normal hang is. No fake smile needed if you love where you are.

The maternity photoshoot could share the news

Here’s some inspiration on how to use the photos to communicate to your loved ones about baby.

Christin Noelle / Unsplash

Use it as an announcement

If you haven’t told people you’re pregnant yet, this could be a cute way to do so. If you don’t want your belly on display, have the sonogram be front and center.

Have this be the gender reveal

If everyone knows a baby is on the way, but you don’t want to text 394 people what you are having, the maternity shoot could tell everybody for you. Add pink or blue in the background, have everyone dressed in pink or blue, have the word “boy” or “girl” somewhere in the background, or have pink or blue flowers in the shot to show everyone what the addition will be.

Use natural light

Here are some ways to let the light be on your side during your photoshoot.

A black and white pregnancy photo.
Heather Mount / Unsplash

Let the sun be your guide

Use the different times of day to grab various color vibes. Sunset and sunrise would give off gorgeous colors for the background and create shadows and details you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Embrace shadows

If you don’t want to be fully exposed in the photos, capture your gorgeous silhouette. The contrast of light and dark is always artistic, and if you do a side profile holding your bump, you could catch a tender moment.

Bring out props

A cute picture of you holding the baby’s clothing or their soon-to-be stuffed animals would be adorable. If you have an heirloom item that someone is passing down, put it in front of the bump or look at it lovingly.

Put yourself front and center

Consider poses that incorporate anything and all that is you.

A pregnant woman outside wearing a flowing dress and headpiece.
Danie Franco / Unsplash

Wear the gown

Have dresses or gowns you have maybe worn once and haven’t found another occasion to wear? Get them out of the closet and onto your body for a fashionable maternity shoot. This is a great way to give those dresses another wear, get you in something other than pants with elastic, and look fabulous for your maternity photoshoot.

Dress in a theme

If you love a good costume, go all in. Get out your ugly Christmas sweater, or grab last year’s Halloween costume and take some photos. Not everything has to be serious, and when it comes to your photoshoot, it’s whatever you want. This would be extra sweet if you had your spouse and any siblings or animals also dressed up.

Act like the goddess you are

You’re growing a human. You’re amazing. Show off your inner goddess with flowy garments, tiaras, fashionable headpieces, and other jewelry in royal tones. Incorporate power poses and regal facial expressions to bring the look together.

Do your favorite hobby

Love to read? Have your favorite book balanced on the bump. Are you an avid gardener? Plop yourself down in your flowerbed for your shoot. Whatever you love to do or whatever is your identity outside of being a parent, bring your belly along and take pictures with it. 

Once you are out of school, there aren’t a lot of times you take photos for yourself. On your wedding day, sure, and maybe a professional picture for work if you need to. So, if you’re pregnant, you need to have these maternity photoshoot ideas ready to get this enchanting time on film. You’ll want to look back on these photos when your child is grown up, and you’ll love the pictures even more if you get creative and do what you want.

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