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The best lice combs under $15 you can get today

It’s one of those moments every parent dreads. Their child comes home from day care or elementary school with a note in their backpack — it’s from the nurse. “There is a lice infestation in your child’s classroom.” Cue the panic. Grab the shears. Start the instant itching.

Deep breath. The unfortunate truth is that lice happens. And while ridding your kiddo’s hair of those awful, tiny, creepy creatures is certainly not fun or particularly pleasant, it can be made a whole lot easier with the right tools. The most important item in your lice-eradicating arsenal? A good, fine comb for separating, sorting, and then plucking will help you get the job done. Ready to bid farewell to those pesky scalp invaders? We’ve rounded up the best lice combs to use next time you get that dreaded letter.

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Fairy LiceMothers MagicWand Lice Treatment Metal Comb

Designed with long, skinny prongs made of tempered steel, the MagicWand comb is both effective and gentle. Micro-grooving enables it to get into the nitty-gritty (get it?) and essentially floss between hairs to grab even the smallest nits. You can use it wet or dry, or pair it with the brand’s MagicMousse to repel those creepy crawlers. The handle is made with a comfortable and ergonomic grip, so you can keep at it until you get the job successfully done. No, it is not exactly the “magic wand” you wish you had in this icky instance, but it will help expedite the process.

WelComb Lice & Nit Removal Comb

If you would rather skip using product (mousses and gels and oils and sprays and chemicals!), give the WelComb a run-through — literally. The comb’s patent-pending teeth are tight, hard, and beveled to snap up lice and eggs as small as 0.3 mm. To use, simply condition wet hair and carefully comb it out in sections. Have a spray bottle of water nearby to keep hair thoroughly wet throughout the process; lice are unable to move in water. Of course, while this product-free method is more natural, it can be time-consuming, so patience is required — from you and your child. It’s also important to note that wet combing will not harm live lice, so you’ll still need to exterminate them after snagging them.

The Lice Crew Terminator Lice Comb

There is a reason this comb gets rave reviews and is touted as a professional’s choice. Featuring stainless-steel rounded teeth, it is effective at scooping up lice and nits on all types of hair — from straight to curly and every texture in between. Of course, while it is useful for removing those unwelcome scalp settlers, it is also an effective screening tool. So next time there’s an infestation at your kid’s preschool, go ahead and whip this baby out for daily checks. Tip: Soak it in boiling water for five to 10 minutes after use.

Nit-Free Professional Head Lice Comb

This option is similar to the other double micro-grooved stainless-steel combs previously listed, except it also features a built-in magnifying glass. With this bonus tool in hand, you can meticulously comb and then inspect each section carefully to ensure that you have gotten every last live lice and every single nit. There is also an attached brush so that you can more readily remove trapped nits from the comb.

It is a fact that lice can happen to anyone at any time. Fortunately, you can be prepared with the right products and proper tools. So before you even learn of a single classroom case or — eek! — find a mysterious black speck on your child’s scalp, get yourself a lice comb — just in case. No need to feel squeamish or unnerved; you can be ready (if not willing) and able to get the job done. You have got this — combs for lice can help.

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