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6 great newborn toys for boosting your baby’s development

Everything is new to your infant. While your baby’s world seems to revolve around bottles and sleeping, his or her first few months are filled with cognitive and physical development. The best way to help babies explore their new world is through play. Your baby’s toys don’t have to be expensive to be wonderful for all-around development. There are a lot of stimulating and engaging newborn toys to appeal to your little one during his or her waking hours. You also don’t have to break the bank to purchase quality newborn developmental toys.

Here are some wonderful toys you and your baby will have a lot of fun playing with, along with others to have on hand in cribs, strollers, and playpens that are baby-safe.

Skip Hop Musical Egg Shaker Trio

A great developmental toy for under $15 is this adorable trio of musical rattles. Rattles are a baby staple and for good reason. Playing with a rattle helps babies to develop their hand-eye coordination as well as their reaching skills. These cute little guys are brightly colored and designed specifically for growing hands. The owl, hedgehog, and fox rattles make their own distinct sound and are ideal for ages 3 months plus.

What it’s great for: Hand-eye coordination and reaching skills

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Activity and Teething Toy

Another super-cute and cuddly Skip Hop toy for a baby is this delightful elephant that is also under $15. Its soft, furry feel and colors will catch your baby’s eye. The different textures are a tactile sensation for little hands and mouths. This baby-friendly toy is PVC and phthalate-free. The elephant makes for a fun playpen or buddy-on-the-go in cars and strollers.

What it’s great for: Developing tactile skills

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Double-Sided 3-in-1 Play and Activity Mat

Simple shapes in black and white are an essential component of a baby’s early sight development. This unique play and activity mat from Manhattan Toy’s Wimmer-Ferguson baby collection is a perfect pick. With its straps, it can attach to the seat in the car to give Baby something visually stimulating to look at when traveling. It can also be used on the floor for tummy play. The mat is reversible and features different tactile sensations for Baby as well as sounds. It also includes a peek-a-boo mirror and a teether.

What it’s great for: Sight developmental tactile skills

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Tiger Baby Travel Toy

Be sure to take this cute tiger along on car trips and doctor visits. Another developmentally appropriate toy from Manhattan Toys’ Wimmer-Ferguson’s infant collection, the Tiger Baby Travel Toy is a roar. Babies will instantly be attracted to the black-and-while color along with the soft fabric and silky-smooth ribbons. The tiger can hang on the car seat or stroller to keep your baby busy in the car and out on walks. It also includes a teether and internal chime. This small toy packs a punch when it comes to hand-eye coordination and motor skill development.

What it’s great for: Hand-eye coordination and motor skills

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

Get your baby interested in catching fireflies early with Freddie. Freddie is an engaging little firefly full of crinkle sounds and tactile sensations that engage Baby’s hand-eye coordination and auditory senses. Since Freddie is also a teether, the toy will help soothe your baby’s aching gums when teething. Freddie attaches to the stroller or infant seat to keep Baby busy when out and about. The fun jingling sounds and bright colors are a sure attention-getter and an ideal developmental toy for your baby.

What it’s great for: Hand-eye coordination and auditory skills

Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

Rattles are a perfect developmental toy for babies, and these Fisher-Price rattles are rockin’ and perfect for babies three months and up. With bright colors and attractive sounds, this set of two rattles is a great fit for little hands. The rattle works developing hand muscles along with Baby’s visual and auditory senses. With two, you can always have a rattle on hand at home and on the go.

What it’s great for: Developing hand muscles as well as visual and auditory skills

Newborn developmental toys are the best way to play with Baby because not only are they adorable and fun, but they help your baby with his or her cognitive and physical growth. A newborn’s world may seem limited, but those first 12 months are actually when a large majority of growth is happening. All of these budget-friendly newborn toys are perfect for playing at home or when out and about.

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