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Good, better best: Toddler climbing toys worth the expense

Toddlers have quite a bit of energy making hours spent on backyard and playground equipment time well spent. Playground time also helps toddlers to develop those all-important gross motor skills. Sometimes, however, work schedules and Mother Nature don’t allow parents extra moments during the day to take toddlers outside to climb and slide. Thankfully, there are toddler climbing toys. Not all indoor jungle gyms are created equal, though. If parents are going to give toddlers an indoor climbing toy, safety is a priority. Indoor toddler gyms should be crafted from high-quality sturdy materials. Since toddlers are messy, it’s important to have an inside climbing toy that cleans up quickly. Unlike outdoor jungle gyms, space really becomes an issue with indoor toddler climbing toys. Here are three toddler climbing toys kids will have fun using while staying safe that don’t take up a great deal of space indoors.

Good: Costzon Wooden Climbing Ladder

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Costzon’s foldable climbing ladder is a two-in-one toddler climbing toy. The ladder doubles as a climber for kids from six months to six years with a weight capacity of 132 pounds. This easy-to-clean wooden ladder is adjustable, fashioned from environmentally friendly materials and waterproof. Decorated with colorful non-toxic paint, toddlers will have hours of fun climbing and sliding. When they’re done, the indoor climbing toy folds away for quick storage until next time. Costzon’s Wooden Climbing Ladder is a good option for parents with limited spacing.

Better: Wedanta Indoor Playground Toddler Climber Slide

For toddlers who love to climb, Wedanta’s Indoor Playground gives little ones the space to climb and slide. The indoor climber features monkey bars, ropes, ladders and a slide to finish off the climb. Made from natural wood, the play set is sturdy and suitable for kids ages two through five. This indoor gym won’t take up a lot of space in the home, making it a great option for smaller homes and townhouses. Manufactured in Europe, Wedanta’s indoor playground is easy to put together and clean.

Best: JOYMOR 6-in-1 Indoor Toddler Playground

Parents are really bringing the playground inside with JOYMOR’s six-in-one play set. This set is ideal for parents working at home because toddlers have quite a bit to keep them busy. When they’re bored with climbing and sliding, toddlers can practice their shot with the sturdy basketball hoop. Future kickers can start working on their scoring touch early with the mini-soccer net and ball. There’s even a ring toss game, and let’s not forget the toddler-safe indoor swing. Crafted from BPA-free materials that are durable, toddlers can have hours of fun on this versatile indoor climber and playground. After a morning playing on JOYMOR’s six-in-one play set, toddlers will really be ready for along afternoon nap. This indoor playground is designed for ages six months and up.

While parents would love to be able to hit the playground daily with toddlers, it’s not always an option due to busy work schedules. Not everyone has a backyard option for a toddler climbing gym either. This is where indoor climbing toys designed specifically for toddlers come in. Toddlers can have hours of fun safely playing on any one of these three high-quality indoor jungle gyms and playgrounds. Costzon’s Wooden Climbing Ladder and Wedanta’s indoor climbing toys are ideal for space-challenged homes. For parents with more space, JOYMOR’s six-in-one climber and playground will really keep toddlers busy. This playground is a great option for families with space and parents who work at home. Toddlers can work those gross motor skills safely, and when they get bored climbing, there are other fun options to keep them occupied.

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The best beach toys under $20 you can get at Walmart today
Little girl having fun playing in the sand with beach toys

Why spend a lot of money on beach toys for the summer season? Beach toys take a beating whether it's at the seashore or in the backyard. Most of the time buckets, pails and other beachside favorites only last a season. So, don't break the bank outfitting your kiddo's fun in the sand with pricey pails and shovels. A better idea is to head to your local Walmart either in-person or online. You'll find the best beach toys for your children at affordable prices. Ordering online with Walmart is convenient. You can have the items shipped to your home. Many online orders are eligible for a quick curbside pickup, too. If you need toys for the beach this summer, Walmart has them. Here are awesome buys for under $20 to make summer on the sand super fun.
16-Piece JustForKids Beach Toys
This 16-piece set is an all-in-one day-at-the-beach score. Bucket, shovels, sand molds and more come complete in a reusable mesh bag that's easy for kids to carry themselves from the car to the sand.
10-Piece Play Day Beach Basket
Kids will have loads of fun with this 10-piece sand toy set that comes in a convenient plastic reusable basket.
Play Day Dive 'N Grab Scrambler Fish Set
Lots of families bring a plastic play pool to the beach for toddlers to keep cool and play in. Toss in the 12-piece Play Day Dive 'N Grab Scrambler Fish Set, and your toddler will have a blast scooping up fish, shells, crabs and more with a net designed perfectly for little hands.
Beach Toys Mega Pack Bulk Beach and Sandbox Play Set
If your kids love to make sandcastles and creations in the sand, this 10-piece set is a must-have. All the pieces store conveniently in a pink or blue carry bag. Set includes a watering can, rake and cute sand molds to help your kids make adorable sand creations.
Click 'N Play Bucket and Shovel Beach Toy Set
Everyone needs his or her own bucket and with the Click 'N Play set, you get three beach buckets and a shovel at a great price. The buckets collapse, too, to make traveling and storage easy.
Sandwood Kids Beach Set
You can't go to the beach without a dump truck. How would you move all that sand? With this five-piece set from Sandwood, kids get a cool dump truck, shovel, rake and two animal molds for a busy day in the sand.
Springwind Beach Toy Sand Set
Kids will have hours of fun at the beach with the Springwind Beach Toy Sand Set. They will love moving sand or shells in the wheelbarrow. Set includes a watering can, shovel, rake and sand molds. Toys can be stored inside the wheelbarrow.
Kids Beach Toy Sand Shovel
If you have older kids that love to dig those really big holes in the sand, then pick up this three-piece set from Lavo Home. It's a great pick for larger families or for adults entering those cool sandcastle building contests.
USA Toyz Beach Toy Basket Set
For kiddos who love animals, this eight-piece set has adorable animal molds along with a shovel, rake and watering can. Everything fits inside the convenient plastic basket.
Kids Beach Toy Sand Set
Kids will have a lot of fun with this 12-piece set from Fun Little toys that includes a water wheel, watering can, shovel, hand rake and molds. Your kids will have hours of fun with the water wheel and making molds in the sand.

Keeping the kids happy and busy during the summer can get expensive with day trips, outings and vacations. Spending extra cash on beach toys shouldn't be a worry. Outfitting your kids for a super fun day at the beach isn't expensive at Walmart. These budget-friendly beach toy suggestions will give your kids hours of fun in the sand. Beach toys get a lot of use each summer and sometimes get left behind in the sand. So, you don't want to spend a great deal of money on toys for the beach. The solution is to head to Walmart.

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Good, better, best: Portable air conditioners to beat the summer heat
Thermostat on a wall

There is nothing quite like summertime. The sun is warming up the water, pool, or ocean, we are outside so much more, the kids are out of school, and it is going to be a great season! But of course, along with the season comes heat that can be bearing down on us some days. When we need to cool off but don't have the room for a window unit, a portable air conditioner is a great answer! We have found the best portable air conditioners and we are going to share our favorites with you below.
Good: AUBNICO Portable Air Conditioner

The AUBNICO Portable Air Conditioner is nothing short of powerful. It may be tiny, but it is mighty when it comes to cooling power. It easily pulls in hot air and releases cool and refreshing air. It is extremely energy efficient, and it only weighs 3 pounds! That's a lot of power for a little unit. Not only can you use it as an air conditioner, but you can add ambiance to your surroundings with its LED mood lights. Plus, it uses a cotton filter in the unit, which helps to separate bacteria from the air. The water tank and filter are both easy to clean, and it is rechargeable via USB.

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The best headphones under $25 to protect your preschooler from fireworks
Preschooler wearing headphones

Fireworks go with the territory of Popsicles and ice cream, or carnivals and parties. They make summer celebrations extra special. Of course, while we love the way they light up the sky, your little ones might not be quite as enthused about the big crashing, booming, and banging noises they make. It can be alarming for a toddler or preschooler. Fortunately, you do not have to skip the big Fourth of July bash for the sake of your kiddo's sanity. A nifty pair of noise-canceling headphones or toddler earmuffs can drown out those scary sounds and prevent a mega meltdown. Want to pick up a pair or two before you hit the beach on July Fourth? We're sharing the best headphones for fireworks.

Best overall: Muted Adjustable Children's Earmuffs with Hearing Protection

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