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7 family-friendly Airbnb rentals in the northeast

Everyone is ready to get out of the house these days. Or at least get into a different house. If your kids are driving you up the walls, give them a chance to go play in someone else’s yard. The Northeast is such a beautiful place filled with historical sites for the parents and plenty of gorgeous scenery for the kids.

If you plan on visiting – skip the stuffy chain hotel. There are plenty of family-friendly Airbnb’s that can accommodate the whole crew. If you thought Airbnb’s were only for one or two people, you’d be mistaken. Tell the kids to start packing while you check out these Airbnb’s in the Northeast that offer something for everyone.

A beautiful tree house.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Treehouse vibes in Vermont

What kid would pass up the chance to spend the night in a treehouse? Your kids will have a blast walking along the bridge to get to the cutest treehouse you’ve ever seen. The house was built to let the trees be a part of the house and go right through the floors everywhere. You could easily fit a family of five in here, and maybe more if you got creative.

The pictures are breathtaking and look straight out of a fantasy fairytale. All of the natural wood inside makes it feel like you never actually go inside anywhere. Our favorite detail is the fairy lights that light up the covered bridge at night. The house boasts kid’s toys, books, and board games. For cleaning, they use the 5-step, enhanced cleaning standards to keep you and your family safe.

Community yurt in New Hampshire

If your kids love fun and funky with a side of community, then this Airbnb should be your next stay. It shows that it sleeps four, but we see plenty of space for five. If your kids are animal lovers, they will be in heaven here, as there are furry friends all over the community for them to play with.

With a vegetable farm and a regular farm within walking distance, there will be plenty of outdoor activities to wear your kids out. This host also used the 5-step enhanced cleaning measures.

Lighthouse magic in Massachusetts

Every kid’s dream is to check out the inside of a lighthouse. If you have a large family or want to get away with another smaller family unit, this home can fit at least eight people. The host follows the 5-step COVID enhanced cleaning process.

The spectacular views never seem to stop. But the best part is that you can actually get in the lighthouse. Go along the walkaway and up the cool spiral staircase and to the top of the tower. It’s all exciting and everyone will enjoy the adventure.

A family standing on the shoreline with a lighthouse in the background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Outside camping in Maine

If your family loves camping, take it to another level with this Airbnb. You and five other family members will have 24 acres to explore. Since you’ll be fancy camping, be expected to meet some paw-footed pals when out and about.

And parents – if you are thinking that you don’t want to pay to sleep outside, don’t worry. There are bathrooms, showers, and more inside these tents. You’ll get all of the COVID enhanced cleaning steps as well.

Whimsy in Vermont

Don’t let this small house fool you! There’s plenty of room to sleep a family of five in there. There’s even room for kid’s toys, books, and board games for the family to play. The kids are going to love the splashes of color everywhere.

You’ll have so much fun checking out the outdoors and meeting new wildlife buddies. There is skiing, state parks, and countless walking trails that will have the whole family moving. The most adorable thing is the neighbor’s dog will come to check on you to make sure you enjoy your stay.

Castle in Maine

If your kids are into fantasy and magic, then you need to book this Airbnb right now. This massive castle can sleep up to 7 people. You’ll have amazing ocean views, but the house itself is quite the eye-catcher. Between the 12-sided shape, the stone all over the inside, the bridge, and the wood-carved doors, this folksy medieval even comes with a telescope so the kids can stay up as late as they want to look at the gorgeous sky.

A woman looking up a place to stay on Airbnb.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Red engine in New Hampshire

This is adorable. A family of four can stay in the cutest red train caboose and have the best time. Parents can enjoy the views and the fresh air while the kids have the best time exploring the outside of the train.

It’s right next to a water park if you go during the warmer months. You’ll also enjoy the enhanced COVID cleaning procedures.

We don’t know how you will pick just one of these family-friendly Airbnbs. You could always try them all? We think our favorite is the treehouse, but you pick yours. The important thing is that you are making new memories with your family and that your children get a little extra fun in the place you stay at.

So gather around that laptop and let your kids pick one of these seven amazing and adorable Airbnb’s in the Northeast that will keep everyone smiling.

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