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Here are 6 excuses to buy a great portable baby bouncer

Baby bouncers provide a safe, supported seat for your baby to lounge and play. Bouncers for older babies let them experience the sensation of standing while safely secured through a comfortable seat and harness system. Bouncers also give you and your arms a much-needed break, especially if your little one enjoys being carried. Here’s the deal: Baby bouncers are useful for both you and your baby. If you need a little nudge before purchasing one, here are six reasons why you should buy a portable baby bouncer.

Develop your baby’s balance

Let’s clear this up: Baby bouncers and jumpers are synonymous. Jumpers let your child bounce in a saddle seat with their feet touching the ground. This is great for babies around 4 months old and up. Bouncers are reclined seats that sway, rock, and bounce. They often have a toy bar or mobile to keep your baby entertained and teach them hand-eye coordination. So, a jumper and bouncer are pretty much the same — it just depends how old your baby is.

A baby jumper teaches your baby balance. Before they start trying to walk on their own, a baby bouncer lets them get a feel for the ground. It’s their first try at balancing without being held.

Babies love to exercise their legs

When babies realize they can stand on their own, there’s no stopping them. A portable baby bouncer gives them the opportunity to build their leg muscles before they can start walking properly. And the keyword here is portable. Whether you’re in your living room, bedroom, or spending an hour of your daily outdoor time at the park, a portable baby bouncer lets your baby burn off energy in a beneficial way.

baby bouncer
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Note that most bouncers are safe for babies around 4 months old. However, double check your product’s manual just to make sure. For instance, this 50 inches by 43 inches Jolly Jumper baby bouncer is safe for children around 3 months old.

Baby bouncers let you cook in peace

Baby bouncers let you cook, clean, or complete a short exercise routine undisturbed. We know you love your baby, but sometimes you just need a little break. Cooking with a baby strapped to your chest isn’t ideal — or easy — and a baby bouncer is a perfect place for your baby to hang out while you cook up a meal.

A good thing about portable bouncers is you can set them up wherever there is clear space and wherever you can still keep your baby in sight. For cooking, this might mean setting it up in the doorway right next to the kitchen. Perhaps one of the best advantages of portable baby bouncers? You can use the bathroom in peace. Trust us when we say you’ll miss the infant stage: Toddlers will follow you everywhere including the bathroom, so enjoy the bouncer while you can!

Keep your baby entertained — and contained — at the park

Crawling is great exercise for babies, but in certain places, it isn’t practical. For example, when your family is at the park for a little fresh air, you can set up the portable baby bouncer over a blanket so your baby can have fun without crawling on the ground.

This means you and the rest of the family are also free to stretch your legs without worrying about whether or not baby is grabbing something unsafe off the ground.

This portable activity jumper by Summer Infant fits the bill. It comes with a sun shade and four interactive toys to keep your baby engaged. The pop-and-fold and compact size at 9.4 inches long, 9.7 inches wide, and 31.3 inches tall makes this easy to set up and pack away.

baby bouncer
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Teach your baby independence safely

You and your baby will be pretty much inseparable for the first few months. This is because babies don’t yet realize they’re their own person; they think you and they are one person. It’s absolutely adorable because of the endless cuddles and skin-to-skin time, but at one point your baby will start seeking independence, and you’ll be there to encourage them.

Baby bouncers are a very safe way for babies to learn how to be independent. When they see that being separate from you doesn’t mean you’re gone, they will feel comfortable even when they’re left alone with someone new. This is so helpful especially during later life events like starting daycare or meeting a new caretaker. Playing in a portable baby bouncer also teaches your baby to self-soothe and entertain themselves without your help. It’s a win-win for you and baby.

Baby bouncers give your arms and back a rest

As much as we love snuggling, we know how tiring holding a baby can be. Besides being rocked and held, babies might find comfort in a baby bouncer. If changing their diaper, feeding them a bottle, and consoling them isn’t working, a baby bouncer could be just the distraction they need. Plus, baby bouncers are suitable for younger babies whose neck muscles aren’t fully developed just yet.

These bouncers have a reclined, sitting design for younger babies who are around 2 months old. For instance, the 24.02-inch tall, 18.90-inch wide, and 20.08-inch long Fisher-Price deluxe portable bouncer is great for babies this age. The toy bar keeps them entertained while the adjustable harness keeps them secure.

So there you have it. Portable baby bouncers have various benefits for you and your baby. It teaches your baby motor skills like balancing and walking, hand-eye coordination, and independence. Equally important, it gives you some time to cook, clean, or take a breather. Because portable baby bouncers are so easy to pack and carry, they also make for good travel accessories for those quick trips to the park. No matter which bouncer you choose, you can expect your baby to develop useful skills and provide a little free time for yourself at least once a day.

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