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6 romantic movies to stream on Valentine’s Day your kids will love, too

A cozy movie night with the family is both an easy and incredibly fun way to spend Valentine’s Day together. It can be as casual or as festive as you like, so you can tailor the special night to whatever you like to do with your little one — whether it be snacking on popcorn, singing along to your favorite soundtrack, or building the ultimate blanket fort.

But it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a little romance, right? Even if your kiddo is in that phase when kisses are gross and cooties are a genuine fear, there’s a film out there that would be a good compromise. There are plenty of family-friendly movies that have action and mystery, even magic, for the kids, with just enough of the romantic stuff for you. Luckily, they’re all available on at least one popular streaming platform! From Netflix to Hulu and Disney+, here are six romantic movies you can watch with your kids on Valentine’s Day.


For fans of the timeless, storybook love stories, Mirror Mirror will give you plenty of the warm and fuzzies. This live-action remake of Snow White has the same “once upon a time …” that you know and love, with a few modern twists (including one very attractive couple): Brightly colored costumes, dwarves with very relatable personalities, and a princess who can find her way on her own, thank you very much.

The Prince & Me isn’t your classic boy-meets-girl storyline. At least, not completely. With a strong female protagonist such as Paige — a pre-med student in college — any young child will feel inspired to go for what they want in life… even if they end up meeting a prince!


As funny as kids may find a swamp-dwelling ogre and his talking donkey sidekick, you’ll also love the romantic, fantasy elements of a movie like Shrek. As Shrek and Fiona come to love one another (and themselves!), you’ll get just enough of the heartwarming, fuzzy feeling that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Plus, everyone will get a laugh out of this one!

For a live-action fantasy adventure that’s appropriate for older kids, try The Princess Bride. There’s significantly more action and some violence in this movie, but the fairy-tale vibe of the film lessens the effect. Don’t worry, the romance is still there, too, so you’re not missing out on anything.


Nothing says Disney romance quite like the princess stories. From Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After, every moment is filled with magic and love — perfect for Valentine’s Day! Beauty and the Beast, though, is also action-packed, which is ideal for a family that’s not head-over-heels for romance. Fighting a curse, high-speed chases … what else could you ask for?

Another adventurous, albeit less sappy, choice for families with older kids might be a bit surprising: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. This famous sequel features the budding romance between Han Solo and Princess Leia without holding back on the galactic action — a compromise everyone will love.

Grab the popcorn and gather the family — this Valentine’s Day is movie night! Whether you go for more of a Disney vibe or for something more sporty, these streaming sites are sure to have something the family can agree on. We hope this list helped make one decision a little easier, but the candy and cards? Those are up to you!

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