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Shower your kids with love on Valentine’s Day with these 5 ideas

These thoughtful ideas for Valentine's Day with kids will have your children feeling cherished

Valentine’s Day is known for being the most romantic day of the year. It seems that just after New Year’s, one can’t walk into a store without being bombarded with large boxes of overpriced chocolates and teddy bears with googly eyes.

And while the hearts and flowers can be lovely when you have a partner to share the romance with, a day dedicated to celebrating love should be for celebrating all kinds of love. Romantic love is beautiful, sure. But so is the love we experience in friendships, with parents and siblings, and of course, the otherworldly, incredibly powerful, unlike-anything-else, love we have for our children.

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to take a few extra special steps in showing our kids how much we care. Telling them how much we love and cherish them is hugely important, and something we should be doing daily. But on the official day of love, these fun ideas are some sugar-coated ways of expressing our hearts to our little ones when spending Valentine’s Day with kids.

Pink and white balloons

Fill their rooms with red and pink balloons the night before

Kids love balloons. That’s just a fact. It’s probably because they symbolize celebration. When balloons are around, it’s pretty much a guarantee that a good time is about to be had. When your children hold balloons, they’re holding a little bit of magic, and the joy that fills them is contagious.

On Valentine’s Day eve, after the kids are asleep, take a few minutes to blow up some balloons and sneak them into their bedrooms. You can do this by either blowing them up yourself or filling them with helium — either way works. They’ll be either floating on the ceiling or weightlessly bouncing around the floor when your kids wake up to a fun and festive start to their Valentine’s Day.

It should be said, too, that the joy this brings is not limited to children. Try this on that moody teen, and we can guarantee a crack in the otherwise icy exterior. It’s impossible not to smile when waking up to a room full of balloons, no matter how old you are.

Strawberry crepes
Well Plated by Erin

Make strawberry crepes for breakfast

We absolutely love these delicious strawberry crepes from Well Plated by Erin. They’re the perfect start to the day of love, and they will please even the pickiest of eaters.

Let your little loves in on the fun by letting them help, or surprise them with a special Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed!

Valentine's Day envelope with hearts

Write love notes for them to open every hour during the day

This one takes a bit of planning, but the gift you’re giving to your children is one they’ll always remember.

For every hour of Valentine’s Day, from the time they wake up, to the time they crawl into bed, write a little love note for your kids to open and read every hour. This can be especially fun if it’s a school day and you can send them off with six or eight notes to open throughout the day.

It can be as simple or as long and flowery as you like. Tell them about something small they did that made you proud. Give them a reason they make you smile. You can even mix it up and throw in some coupons they’ll want to cash in — maybe “1 free hour of video game time.” Simply fold the note or tuck it into an envelope, writing down the time they should open it. The hourly words of affirmation combined with the fun anticipation of a new note every hour will fill their hearts with joy.

Be as creative as you want with this one! Go all out with heart-shaped, pink and red paper and glitter, or keep it tame with some discreetly folded plain notes if your child is shy or more introverted. Loving your kids includes being respectful of their personalities and life stages. Even if sparkly and bedazzled cupid tissue paper is your thing, your teen might prefer discreet 3×5 notecards. All of the love, none of the embarrassment.

Colored popsicle sticks

Make some “love jars”

This love-filled craft is not only a fun activity, but it’s also a tremendously meaningful way to teach your children how to express their love and appreciation.

For every member of the family, place a jar (soup can, or gift bag, or whatever you like) on the table. Label the jars with each person’s name and have your children write down reasons they love that person on popsicle sticks. One reason per stick, then into the jar it goes. The reasons can be as meaningful or as silly as they like; just be sure everyone’s jar gets the same number of popsicle sticks. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • I love dad’s silly dances
  • I love the way Jenna always tells jokes and makes everyone laugh
  • I love Noah’s thoughtfulness when he drives me to dance class

Continue writing down reasons until the jars are full, and then gift that person with their love jar. They can read all the reasons at once, or save the jar for a rainy day, pulling out reasons when they need a little extra love.

Tiered plates

Make dinner extra special

Sometimes, paper plates in front of the TV is the only way to do dinner, and we support it. But on Valentine’s Day, taking a little extra time to set the table with your finest silverware, pretty linens, and a bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to end the day. Indulge your kids by making (or ordering) their favorite dish. There’s something pretty fun about eating a greasy slice of pizza from fancy China or sipping Sprite from a crystal champagne flute.

Taking the time to make dinner extra special will remind your kids how loved they are. Use this dinner to connect with them, and ask them what they did to make someone feel loved that day. And of course, remind them why they’re your very favorite Valentines.

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