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Good, better, best: Swing sets you should spend your stimulus check on

Spring has finally arrived! Better yet, so has your stimulus check! With the warmer weather and longer days, what better way can you invest your money than on one of the best swing sets to enjoy out in the backyard? Since we’re still facing limited access to playgrounds and indoor play facilities, a swing set presents a great opportunity for the whole family to get outdoors. Also, on the days when your kids arrive home from school or have been sitting for most of the day for virtual instruction, they’ll want to get some of that energy out and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. So, we’ve compiled a list of the three best swing sets for kids to provide them with hours of fun and safe play.

Good: The Sportspower Spring Breeze Me and My Toddler Swing Set

This Sportspower swing set provides outdoor fun for the whole family — from the smallest child to a 10-year-old. One of its outstanding qualities is that it offers a variety of gear that fits almost any age group. The trapeze and the 5-foot slide will appeal to your little thrill-seekers along with the classic seat swings with chains that adjust to any height. And if parents and toddlers want to get in on the fun, there’s also a double swing that has a bench seat for a grown-up or an older child to sit, along with a smaller seat for older babies and toddlers. Also, the sturdy, 2-inch, steel-tube frame with foam-padded legs provides safety and zero worry of tipping over.

Better: The Swing-N-Slide PB 8375 Ranger Wooden Swing Set with Swings

The Swing-N-Slide swing set offers a great start to your backyard playground. It features a unique design of attachments that allows you to switch from a toddler swing to more advanced swing designs as your child develops more of a grip and balance. The chains are covered in Plastisol, which prevents little fingers from getting caught or pinched. The eye-catching and sturdy cedar frame is treated to prevent insect infestation and weathering from the elements.

The Ranger Plus (PB 8375) includes a climbing wall and slide. Although this set fits in small to medium backyards, you can remove the slide to where it’s a freestanding piece that can be placed elsewhere in the play area.

Best: The Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Swing Set

The Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure is hands-down one of the best swing sets any parent can invest in. Not only do you get swings, a double slide, trapeze bar, spider swing, and climbing wall, this set also includes a complete activity center inside the play tower. The clubhouse features a chalkboard in the center for drawing that’s also surrounded by other games such as a maze and tic-tac-toe. Above the chalkboard, you’ll find the ship’s steering wheel and binoculars on the opposite side for your little pirates to enjoy their adventure. Plus, children can access the clubhouse either by ladder or cargo net.

Although this swing set takes up more space, you’ll love the safe, heavy-duty, steel construction and soft, padded grips that prevent pinching and snagging on the swing chains.

So, when you’re looking at the selections of best swing sets, you can make your selection based on the following criteria:

  • Assembly and installation
  • Compatibility with your backyard space
  • Durability of the materials
  • Possible long-term use as children grow up

Another thing to remember in relation to assembling the swing set, you can always call on family or friends for help, since some of these sets require two or three people to put them together. Plus, depending on your location, there might be an option for delivery and installation at an additional cost. However, in no time at all, your children will be outside having a great time with their new playground.

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