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4 amazing cartoons your 6-year-old can stream on Hulu

Who can remember Saturday morning cartoons? We would rush to the television with our cereal and sit and enjoy our favorite shows. However, things have changed. With so many different platforms and streaming services available for our entertainment, it’s not only Saturday that kids can watch their favorite cartoons, but virtually any day, any time. From the tablets to phones kids have, they can watch what they want when they want. If you are looking for the best cartoons for kids, look no further than Hulu. They have quite a variety of cartoons that kids will love. From old classics being rebooted to new cartoons produced by them, your little one has plenty of options to choose from.

Best cartoons for kids


Chowder is the story of a burgeoning chef. However, being just a child, Chowder doesn’t get to cook too much. Chowder has often found himself in some crazy circumstances due to his never-ending appetite for more. Not to mention, Chowder is always being pestered around by Panini, who is the apprentice of his employer, Mung Daal’s, enemy, Endive. And yes, everyone in this show is named after food! Your child will also meet Shnitzel and Gazpacho, some of Chowder’s best friends who are always helping him get out of the chaos that he always seems to find himself in. Your little one will love following Chowder on his adventures throughout the town of Marzipan City.


Teen Titans Go!

Moms and dads may remember the first time that they saw the original Teen Titans. It featured a group of rogue superheroes who all have various powers, including Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy. The show originally aired in 2003. The reboot, Teen Titans Go!, aired on April 23, 2013. There is no continuity from the original Teen Titans, though. Given how children’s tastes have changed with the times, it’s not surprising that this new show got a total overhaul before launching. The new version is a comedic spinoff that will have your child rolling over with laughter at the fun they portray and the silly adventures that they find themselves on. Cyborg and Beast Boy are the best of friends, and Raven is a fan-favorite character who is voiced by the notable Tara Strong, a highly-regarded voice-over actress.

Madagascar: A Little Wild

When it comes to the Madagascar movies, there is a deep appreciation from many people who loved the original and the silly spin-offs that have been created. This Hulu original, Madagascar: A Little Wild, features all of our favorite Madagascar characters, including Gloria, Melman, Alex, and Marty. But this cartoon is different. Instead of going on an adventure with the group as grownups, this iteration of features all of the characters as young children, navigating fun adventures. These celebrated characters of The Central Park Zoo will teach kids to be themselves and never forget to chase after their dreams. With a wonderful celebrity cast, this series will teach your children the value of being themselves without abandon.

Kids Watching TV

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Children tend to have imaginary friends, right? But when they outgrow their imaginary friend, where does that friend go? Well, maybe they go to Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. It’s a sprawling Victorian mansion with tons of hallways with doors that have made-up friends that are behind them. Eight-year-old Mac enjoys the company of his imaginary friend, Bloo. Together, they explore Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and find themselves meeting tons of different imaginary friends. It may have been made in 2004, but the cartoon has staying power that the children of today will absolutely love. They will enjoy going along on the adventures that Bloo and Mac have together.

Hulu has a plethora of cartoons that your little one can watch. All it takes is a quick search, and you can find a bunch of cartoons that can not only be enjoyed by your child, but by the whole family. Recreate the experience of watching Saturday morning cartoons with your little one, or settle in for some quality time any day of the week. With the four options we mentioned plus the whole host of other shows on Hulu, you’re bound to find something everyone will enjoy.

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