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The best maternity jeans under $30 that don’t look like mom jeans

Expecting moms everywhere know how important a good, quality pair of maternity jeans can be. And when it comes to building a baby-brewing wardrobe, they are absolutely essential. In recent years, there appears to have been a general overhaul of all maternity wear for expecting mamas — thus giving them more sophisticated and stylish options for putting together outfits at any point in their pregnancy.

Although not all maternity jeans are created equal, and some simply scream mom jeans, no new mom wants to be caught dead in the same old boring jeans like our own moms used to wear. That’s why we took our time, locating fashionable cuts and styles to suit young, hip moms who want to put their best foot forward, no matter what stage of life they are in.

Cropped style

A great option for warmer months or more tropical climates (we’re looking at you, Florida!), these cropped and frayed skinny jeans by Foucome are perfect for casual or dressy casual occasions. Pair them easily with a flowy blouse, warm sweater, or oversized hoodie for a stylish twist to your baby-on-board closet. These jeans look great with slip-on ballet flats, which further accentuate their overall look. The best part? These cropped jeans are available in both a light and dark washed color.

Classic style

If you’re searching for a regular wardrobe staple — an ideal, essential piece of clothing that can hold all of it together — then Hybrid & Company’s super-comfy skinny maternity jeans are just the piece you’re looking for. These jeans give expecting moms the classic and simple style needed to build a top-quality amount of baby-bump-approved outfits. These ultra-soft and stretchy pants are available in multiple colors, as well as a shorts version, and are geared toward new moms of sizes ranging from small through plus sizes 24/26. Having an option that can suit moms of a wide variety of sizes and shapes is very important to us, as great moms come in a gorgeous array.

Bootcut style

For moms out there who are searching for a wider, more tapered jean leg, these fashion-forward bootcut maternity jeans from Levi Strauss & Co. give its wearers a thick and well-made choice. These jeans will also fit over their boots or larger constructed shoes, making them ideal for working mamas on the go.

Levi Strauss Co. has been in the business of making jeans for over 160 years, and it goes without saying the brand knows its stuff when it comes to denim. The same high-quality and durable jeans we’ve come to know and love have made a crossover into maternity wear, thus outfitting expecting moms with the kind of product that will keep them comfortable, stylish, and cool. These jeans offer shoppers a cooling waistband technology, helping moms stay cooler while wearing it over their bellies.

From cropped to bootcut, light wash to dark, we are proud to have brought our newly expecting readers some great, sturdy, and versatile maternity jean options to dress up or down, depending on their moods. These pieces will stand up to their use while also empowering moms to look their best even while carrying a growing baby inside of their tummies.

So whether you are a fan of the classic, chic look or prefer a more laid-back style with a few high-end pieces added to the outfit for effect, we know our list of options will get you well on your way to building a killer, mom-friendly wardrobe.

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