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The best maternity winter coats you can get for less than $100

When your third trimester falls in the cold winter months, you have a dilemma. How do you wrestle your belly under the zipper of a winter coat? You simply can’t, which is why you need a maternity winter coat.

A maternity coat will give you the extra room you need to fit your bump inside and get the coat closed, so you can actually keep warm. As a bonus, this extra space often also lets you fit your baby inside for babywearing on your chest after they have been born. Just remember to ensure your baby faces the fresh air and is properly worn in a carrier (not included with the jacket).

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Some maternity winter coats have extra inserts that can be attached and detached by zipper. This is a positive because you can wear them as a regular coat after pregnancy without the inserts. The possible downside, however, is that the two pieces of fabric can prove bulky, and cold could get in through the zipper seam.

Alternatively, you can buy a plus-sized jacket if you won’t be in the final few weeks of your pregnancy in the deepest cold of winter or if you have a petite frame. Whichever approach you take, you’ll want to look at what each coat is made of, whether that be a waterproof fabric, fleece-lined, down-filled, or whatever else might suit the climate where you live, as well as your preferences.

We’ve rounded up four of the best maternity coats for these different preferences so you can pick what’s best for you.

Best maternity coat for two inserts: Maacie Winter Coat

This 3-in-1 investment is a steal at under $100. You can wear it while you are sporting your bump by adding in a front insert that zips in to extend the fabric of the jacket to fit around you. Then later while babywearing there is a second, wider insert to use to fit around your baby and you after birth. Ditch the inserts afterward to use this coat as a fabulous regular winter option post-maternity.

Why we like it:

  • The shell fabric is mostly polyester, the lining is a cozy fleece, and the fixed hood has a faux fur trim
  • The drawstring waist makes the fit more adjustable and flattering
  • The zipper and the snaps close up the front
  • There are five solid colors (army green, apricot, gray-blue, wine, or black) and a fun leopard print to choose from

Best maternity coat for waterproof: Maacie Parka

This long parka has a waterproof and windproof shell with a fleece lining to keep you warm all winter. The length, pockets, hood, long arms, and durability all add to the warmth. You can just see how the water-repellent fabric would keep you cozy even in a snow storm.

Why we like it:

  • It comes with a detachable panel to use during pregnancy or babywearing that zips on or off
  • The adjustable drawstring helps the jacket change with your size
  • It comes in dark blue, black, or wine color
  • You can wear it for several years after pregnancy without the panel

Best maternity coat for comfort: VIISHOW Pullover

This cozy pullover is for chilly days but not full-out freezing ones. It doesn’t have any zippers or buttons that go over the belly, meaning you have room to stretch there. There are buttons but they are on the chest and you can open them in warmer weather if you want to cool off.

Why we like it:

  • The material is soft and fuzzy fleece
  • It offers a fashionable but casual look while being extremely comfortable
  • It’s available in seven color options
  • Sizes go up to XXL, and since this isn’t a pregnancy-specific product, you may wear it for years to come

Best maternity coat for lightweight: Soularge Puffer Coat

This plus-size coat isn’t maternity-specific but is specially tailored to give extra room. The two-way zipper is extra sturdy and the quilted fabric is machine-washable. The ribbed sleeve cuff helps keep out cold air as does the faux fur hood.

Why we like it:

  • The outer fabric has a waterproof finish
  • The interiors of the pockets are lined with fleece for extra comfort and warmth
  • It’s meant to be light and easy to move in even while providing excellent winter warmth

Happy shopping! Have a cozy winter in these maternity coat picks, all of which will keep you feeling warm, stylish, and your best in chillier temperatures.

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