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5 reasons reversible strollers are an excellent purchase for new parents who are on the go

Find out why you should buy a reversible stroller

Reversible strollers give you the option of facing your child toward you or away from you. This is beneficial in various ways, like comforting your child swiftly and keeping the sun out of their eyes. A reversible stroller is also practical because as your child grows, they’ll have different needs. Good thing you have a reversible stroller to accommodate every age and every stage!

Parent playing with baby in stroller

You can entertain your baby either way

At 1 month of age, your child might be stimulated by just being outside and staring at ambiguous shapes. During this stage, their eyes aren’t fully developed and everything is pretty much part of a single, blurry, moving image with colors that blend into one another. However, at 7 months old, they’re a totally different baby. They’ll want to see anything and everything during your walk, so a reversible stroller lets you adjust the seat so they can face out. This way, you can talk to them and point out objects during your walk to keep them engaged.

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If they get bored with looking out, you can just as easily turn the seat back toward you and talk to them face to face. Fortunately, you can keep walking while your baby is engrossed in whatever you have to say, even if it’s just pointing out all the trees and plants you pass by.

Child peeking out from the canopy of a stroller

You can keep the sun and elements away from your baby

While some sunlight is beneficial for your baby, prolonged exposure isn’t exactly ideal. If you happen to take a walk during the daytime in an area with no shade, a reversible stroller lets you adjust your baby’s seat to protect them from the sun. The same goes for windy days and unexpected rain. Just think: If you had forgotten your umbrella or lightweight blanket at home, you would have to walk your stroller backward to keep your baby comfortable. This scenario isn’t efficient or ergonomic for you or your baby.

Unless you have a full stroller cover or canopy, a reversible stroller is your best bet for protecting your baby when you’re outdoors. With this type of stroller, you don’t have to bring extra umbrellas or covers just for your morning walk. You can avoid packing extra baby gear, especially for short strolls or quick outings. We’re sure you also feel that efficiency is key when you’re traveling with a baby.

Mom pushing stroller with one hand while holding child's hand

Comfort your baby while staying mobile

Babies’ tempers are unpredictable. They may get scared easily by something outside, such as loud noises, bright lights, or strange faces. Even before your child goes into full crying mode, you can adjust the seat to comfort your baby quickly. There’s nothing more reassuring in their world than your familiar face and voice, and a reversible stroller in this situation is your saving grace.

You won’t have to stop to comfort them either. With fixed stroller seats, you would have to halt, bend down to soothe your baby for an indefinite amount of time, or let them cry it out and hightail it to your destination. Fortunately, with reversible strollers, we new parents can keep on walking while comforting our crying babies. You may even offer them a toy and keep careful watch if they’re a newborn and not worry about them flinging it out of their seat.

Mom playing with baby's feet while baby sits in stroller

Give your baby more leg room as they grow

Your child’s developing brain and eyesight aren’t the only things you need to accommodate as they get older. Their exponential growth rate means they’ll want to stretch their legs in their strollers as they grow physically. If you have a reversible stroller that’s compatible with infants up to toddler age, then all the better.

Granted, a child younger than 6 months probably won’t demand much legroom, but a toddler is a very different story. Children 15 months and up will probably want more room in their stroller, and a reversible stroller facing out will let your child swing their legs to their heart’s content.

Insufficient legroom may not seem like a big issue, but when you realize that toddlers are vocal about their wants and needs, you’ll be relieved that you chose a stroller that gives you this option. A comfortable toddler is a happy toddler, and a happy toddler means less stress for you.

Newborn asleep in stroller with mom patting head

Let your child nap in peace

If you use walks as a way to get some quiet time in, you might benefit most from a reversible stroller. Being in a stroller induces sleep in babies for the same reason they fall asleep in cars: The gentle rocking motion and snug seat are just too comfortable to resist. So when you’re out for a walk specifically to let your child nap, let them sleep uninterrupted by adjusting their seat toward you.

Beyond that, you can pull out the stroller seat canopy, place a light cover over their seat, or attach a stroller seat canopy to further block out light, wind, and even sound.

Babies might also be more likely to fall asleep when they’re not stimulated by people and objects in the front-facing position. When babies are facing you, they can focus on a familiar face to help them calm down enough to nap and forget that they’re outside with many new things to discover. This trick isn’t only helpful to give you some quiet time, but may be helpful for babies who are reluctant to nap otherwise.

A reversible baby stroller provides many advantages, like letting you monitor your baby closely, allowing you to comfort them as you walk, and helping them fall asleep. But that’s not all. Reversible baby strollers are also convenient because many products fit children from newborns to toddlers so you can adjust their seats depending on their age and needs. The point is this: New parents should invest in a reversible stroller because these are much more versatile than fixed-seat strollers.

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