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Why you and your baby need a car mirror

Can't see your newborn when you're driving? Get a baby car mirror

Finding out you’re pregnant is such an exciting time. Whether it’s your first baby on the way or a new sibling, you’re overwhelmed with joy. One of the best things is making those shopping lists for all the things you’re going to need for your little one. An item that should definitely be on your list of must-haves is a baby mirror for the car. A baby car mirror will end up being one of the most useful items you’ll own as a new or veteran parent.

So what makes a baby mirror for the car so essential? Since your baby’s car seat will be rear-facing for a little while, a car mirror allows you to look into your rearview mirror and see your baby’s mirror, which is focused on the baby. You can take a quick peek and make sure your little one is resting fine without having to pull the car over and get out to check to on them. Basically, it saves you the dangerous task of looking backward and straining to make sure your pint-size passenger is safe and content or from pulling over onto the side of a roadway.

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It gives parents peace of mind, which all families need, especially when behind the wheel. Not sure which baby mirrors for the car are the best. Here are some of the top baby car mirrors on the market to make riding in the car with baby less stressful.

Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

The Shynerk Baby Car Mirror is one of the best rear-facing car seat mirrors on the market. People love this mirror because it provides a crystal-clear picture of their child in the backseat, giving parents peace of mind while they’re driving. It is extra wide with a full 360-degree pivot so you are able to see your child at all times. It is very easy to install and fits most car, truck, van, and SUVs.

Yogo Baby Baby Car Mirror

Yogo Baby Baby Car Mirror

With bright LED lights on both sides, the Yogo Baby Baby Car Mirror makes it easy for you to check on your baby in the backseat while you are driving. An added bonus is this baby car mirror comes with a remote. The remote allows you to turn the lights off during the day and, with the flick of a button, turn them back on at night to keep an eye on your child. This mirror is easy to install and pivots any which way you want, so you always have the best possible view of your little bundle.

Joybell Baby Car Mirror

Joybell Baby Car Mirror

This baby safety mirror is one of the best models available. Instead of messing around with straps and trying to adjust the mirror to fit correctly, the Joybell Baby Car Mirror clamps onto the headrest of the back seat. This large, secure, and adjustable mirror makes it a snap for you to see your baby at all times. This mirror was created by industry experts, so you know it is crafted to the highest standards.

Munchkin Brica Cruisin’ Baby In-Sight Car Mirror

Munchkin Brica Cruisin' Baby In-Sight Car Mirror

Now this baby car mirror is one that baby will love to look at. Chances are when you take a look in the mirror to see your little one, you may see them peeking back at you with a big smile. The Munchkin Brica Cruisin’ Baby In-Sight Car Mirror is made with LED lights behind the mirror that make the mirror “dance” in the entertainment mode. When you switch to the soothing mode, the lights gently fade in and out to help baby get some rest while riding in the car. Your baby will have a blast watching him or herself in this mirror. It’s a great way to keep baby entertained in the car. The best part about this baby car mirror? You can control everything from the front seat with the click of a button on the remote.

Leo and Ella Baby Car Mirror

Leo and Ella Baby Car Mirror

The Leo and Ella Baby Car Mirror gives you a superior view of your child in the back seat. It is a premium and adjustable convex mirror so you can see all of your baby when riding in the car. This product is quick and easy to install. It installs in under 30 seconds! The baby car mirror is made with shatterproof acrylic glass and is crash tested. It also has double secure straps that allow it to stay put once you have it in place.

A glance back at a baby mirror for car

A car seat mirror might not be on your radar when you initially go registry shopping or start planning for the items you want to have when baby arrives. The very first time you drive with your new bundle of joy in the car though you’ll realize how important this simple item is. Even when you’re driving, you want to know how your baby is doing. You need to know your itty-bitty is safe and sound in their car seat, and a straightforward must-have baby car mirror will give you the assurance you want and need.

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Plus, your little one will love getting a glance at your face, too. That confidence and cuteness don’t have to cost a lot either. These baby car mirror options won’t set you back and they do get the job done! So, no matter what type of baby car mirror you choose, you’ll know you are making a great choice for your child’s overall safety in the car and yours too.

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