9 fun and safe gender-reveal ideas

If you are going to find out the sex of your baby before the big delivery-room debut, you might as well make it an exciting event. Gender reveals are still very much on trend, despite getting some pretty negative PR as of late. Recently, there have been reports of wildfires, explosions, injuries, and even deaths as a result of gender reveals gone extremely wrong. On too many occasions, a joyous celebration ended in a terrible tragedy.

If a dramatic reveal is the goal, you can skip the smoke cannons and still accomplish an Instagram-worthy moment — without endangering the people and land around you. And, yes, you can get more creative than cutting into a cake or opening a box of pink or blue balloons. Want some fresh and different gender-reveal ideas that do not skimp on the fun or safety factor? Read on for some inspiration.

gender reveal party
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Hit the piñata

These fun, hittable papier-mâché figurines are not just for kids’ birthday parties. Get a stork, pacifier, diaper, or cake-shaped piñata, and fill it with pink or blue confetti or candy. Channel all that pregnancy hormone-fueled rage (it’s in there!) as you find out if you will be having a girl or boy. Your emotional state will instantly shift to pure happiness and unadulterated joy. Pro tip: Do not get a baby-shaped piñata. You won’t have the heart to hit it with a stick.

Have a paint-gun fight

You and your partner can engage in a pink or blue paint war. Wear all-white ensembles and see who can be the first to announce the exciting news flash via paint-blast shirt stain. As an alternative, you can just blast the soon-to-be dad; trust us, it’s another great way to exercise your inner anger.


If you are that family member who gives everyone lottery scratch-offs for birthdays and holidays, send your friends and loved ones a customized girl or boy game. They will be on pins and needles as they scratch off the foil cover to reveal the answer — and, BTW, either way, jackpot! What’s more, this is a fun and special way to celebrate the occasion with those near and far.

Confetti cannons

A much safer alternative to a smoke cannon is a confetti popper cannon. You can sprinkle yourself and your growing family in a rain cloud of pink or blue dots. What an adorable photo op!


You will need to have major patience for this slow-burning option. If you would prefer to keep your gender reveal intimate between you and your plus-one, consider a customized candle. You have to wait for it to burn all the way down to show whether you’re having a girl or a boy.

Balloon pop

boy or girl balloon
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Want to make a game of your gender reveal? Set up a carnival-style event complete with a balloon-dart station. Your dark opaque balloons, of course, will be filled with either a bit of pink or blue paint — so when you get your target, you also get your answer and quirky announcement.

Silly String party

Wrap cans of one-color Silly String in generic paper. On the count of three, have all guests at your gender-reveal event (or just you and your partner) spray each other. You will either be covered in pink or blue!

Paint-throw canvas

Set up a canvas. You and your partner will each get a covered bucket that contains pink or blue paint. You will both be blindfolded, then lift the top of the can off before throwing the contents toward the canvas. The result? An abstract and customized work of art that is either pink or blue.

Dance around in colorful bubbles

Get a bubble machine and add a little bit of blue or red food coloring to the soapy solution. When you turn it on, you and your guests will be surrounded by magical colorful bubbles with a meaningful message.

Whether you prefer sweet and sentimental moments or funny gender reveals, there are plenty of options that are safe and memorable. You can keep it private or announce it to all your friends and family members at once. Pink or blue — you do you; just do it in a way that doesn’t put anyone in danger. And if you decide to go simple, traditional, and classic with a big cake-slice reveal? That’s fine, too. Just be sure to cut yourself the biggest slice of all — you deserve it. Have a happy reveal day!

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