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Grandma names: 8 fantastic ideas from the traditional to the unique

Get creative with what to call Grandma

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There’s nothing quite as exciting as becoming a grandmother! Traditionally, the term for grandmother has typically been ‘grandma,’ ‘nanny,’ or some version of these two names. If the thought of being called grandma doesn’t spark joy in your life, don’t worry. As an expectant grandmother, you get to choose the name your future grandchildren will call you, and there are many wonderful options.

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Things to think about

When it comes to choosing your grandma name there are a few things you may want to consider, just like when you would consider naming your children. Do you love the name, or is it something that you think you may grow out of? Is it a name that’s easy to pronounce, especially for children? Do you want your grandma name to reflect your culture or heritage or to honor someone special in your own life? Are there surviving great-grandparents and you want to avoid using the same name? These are all factors to consider when choosing what you want your grandchildren to call you. If you’re looking to update your grandma name or are simply looking for something more unique than the traditional monikers we all know, here are 8 fantastic ideas for your consideration.


Do you love the idea of the name “Nanny” but feel that you’d like something a bit more youthful and fun? Nan is a great alternative and is certain to be easy for your grandchild to pronounce.


For the non-traditional grandmother who loves the glamorous life, Glamma is the perfect nickname!


The Kardashian grandkids call their beloved grandmother, Kris Jenner, Lovey. In an interview with PEOPLE in 2013 Kris explained how the name came about. “They call me Lovey. At first, I was Grandma, and all of a sudden I didn’t like the way that sounded.” She went on to add “My mom had a friend called Lovey and I thought that was the cutest name.” We must admit, we love Lovey!


Lola is a commonly used name for grandma in the Phillippines and is becoming increasingly popular for anyone who is looking for a sweet and modern nickname.


A common practice for modern grandparents is to take the first initial of their name and use it to create a nickname. For those who want a more simplistic approach, many use the “G” from grandma to create the nickname Gigi. It’s cute, modern, and feels younger than grandma.


Like Gigi, creating a nickname using a duplicate sound based on your first initial or syllable in your name is a popular choice. Whether you choose Kiki, Fifi, Bibi, Leelee, Lala, or something similar, this is a great way to create your personalized grandma name.


If you love the idea of something more traditional yet would like to add a modern twist, Gran is a simple yet sweet name to be called.


Opt for something fun and modern with the name G-ma instead of grandma.

Sometimes, no matter what name you choose, your grandchildren will come up with a name that they choose to call you all on their own. Randi Mogil explained to Good Housekeeping that she thought her grandson would refer to her as grandma, but he had other plans. “Gaga was his interpretation of Grandma and it works for me.”

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