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6 adorable preschool lunch boxes you need to add to your cart right now

You know you need a preschool lunch box that fits lunch and will keep it cool and contained, but your child will quickly tell you the most important part is how it looks. All of these toddler lunch boxes are easy to clean, easy to carry, and easy to pack, but they also are adorable with creative and unique patterns and designs.

Often you’ll send lunch to preschool in multiple pieces – a water bottle, an ice pack, a carrying case, a fork, a napkin, and then the Tupperware or bento box of the actual lunch. A lunch box is not only what the food is stored inside, but the insulated bag you carry that container in. These cute options include some sets (bento box and carrying case in one, for example) and some stand-alone carrying cases. Take note of what each purchase includes so you can get the perfect set for your needs.

Bentgo Prints Insulated Lunch Bag Set With Kids Bento-Style Lunch Box

Bentgo is one of the most popular brands in the lunchbox space and they have lots of super adorable prints and color combos. In addition to this unicorn one, they have sharks, mermaids, sports, rainbows, dinosaurs, rocket ships, and more. Bentgo lunch boxes are bento boxes for kids with usually around five insulated compartments for different elements of the meal. Combos like this one have both the box and a matching bag, perfect for the first day of preschool.

Thermos Novelty Soft Lunch Kit

Your future firefighter can show up to school as a hero with this insulated lunch bag that has a carrying handle to make the truck zoom along. The bag has a durable outer layer and multi-layer temperature-retaining foam in the lining to keep food cool.

FlowFly Kids Lunch box Insulated Soft Bag Mini Cooler

This is a classic lunchbox that will get the job done while showing some personality in one of twenty different options for a decorative exterior. Choose from dinosaurs, unicorns, camo, and other patterns and solid colors your child will love. The mesh net on the side can hold a water bottle while the front zippered pocket can hold utensils and napkins. The interior is roomy enough for all the food and snacks they could need for a day at preschool. There is even a buckle on a carrying strap to clip it to a backpack or use as a carrying strap instead of using the carrying handle by hand.

Bentology Lunch Bag and Box Set

This nine-piece set has everything for packing and transporting lunch, even a matching ice pack. The five-container bento box is deconstructable so you can send each with its own lid separately (maybe just two one day, three another) or pack them all together nested in their box. The carrying case has pockets inside and outside for water, utensils, and the included matching ice pack. This set has a pink unicorn theme, but it also comes in different designs–llamas, cats, owls, sloths, etc., each more adorable than the last. This is a stylish set for sure.

Yodo 3-Way Convertible Playful Insulated Kids Lunch Boxes Carry Bag

This backpack-style insulated lunchbox is less likely to get lost if you put it right on your toddler’s back. If it’s strapped to them, they won’t leave it lying somewhere forgotten like a hand-held carrying case, right? Each of the three designs of this cute bag uses the front exterior pocket as part of an animal–the snout of a blue dinosaur, the belly of a pink owl, or the toothy mouth of a blue shark. This padded, BPA-free backpack has a sewn-in label for writing a name on and can also easily convert between backpack straps and carrying strap.

Kinsho Lunch Bag for Girls with Water Bottle and Ice Pack

This three-piece matching set gives you a bag, water bottle, and ice pack that all fit each other in shape and size as well as design and color. The fabric-lined ice pack matches the color of the water bottle, which matches the colors in the bag’s design. With the pockets and handles in an insulated space you expect but the two add-ins you didn’t, this set will prep your child perfectly for preschool. This mermaid cat design is one option along with camo, construction trucks, dinosaurs, flowers, unicorn cats, hearts, sharks, and more.

No matter which one of these cute lunch boxes you choose, your preschooler will be excited and ready to have lunch at school with their classmates. Bon appetit!

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