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These are our favorite push present ideas of all time

Here's what to get the new mom in your life

Parents smiling while holding newborn.
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Nothing divides people quite as much as the idea of a push present. A push present is a gift given to a new mom after the birth of a child. Many people argue that having a healthy, happy baby is present enough, and while that’s the ultimate gift, we see nothing wrong with getting a little something extra to recognize those long, arduous nine months of pregnancy.

If you’re expecting a new bundle of joy soon or are simply looking for some ideas to keep in your back pocket, here are some of our favorite push present ideas of all time.


Family giving their mom flowers
Evgeny Atamanenko / Shutterstock

There is no rule that says push presents have to be extravagant or cost a lot of money. A beautiful bouquet presented to a new mom can be a lovely gift. This is also a great option for older children to give to their mom after welcoming a new sibling. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous bouquet to brighten up any room in the house?

Meal service

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Being a new parent is exhausting, and getting the time or energy to make healthy meals with a newborn in the house can be difficult. Gifting a meal service is a great option because it gives new parents one less thing to think about with a new baby at home.

Cleaning service

woman giving her television screan a cleaning
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It’s hard to find time to sleep or eat with a newborn, much less clean! A cleaning service is a practical and valuable push present. This gift will allow new parents to spend time bonding with their baby while someone else helps out with those household chores.


woman holding a handbag
Adrienne Andersen / Pexels

This is the perfect opportunity to get the new mom in your life that gorgeous handbag she’s been coveting. Handbags and purses are one of our favorite gifts for new moms. Many bags are large enough to double as diaper bags, too!

Spa day

Woman In Spa
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A gift certificate to a local spa for a spa day or a few spa services is a wonderful push present that any new mom would love. Go one step further and book the appointment so she can take the time away from the baby and enjoy a bit of pampering, knowing that all the details have been arranged.

Customized jewelry

initial necklace
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Jewelry is one of the most popular push present ideas, but how do you decide what kind of jewelry to buy? A popular option is any form of customizable jewelry. An initial necklace with the baby’s initials or name or one that reads “Mom” are both popular ideas. Bracelets and rings are also a wonderful gift idea for any new parent.

Birthstone jewelry

woman holding birthstone necklace
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Another way to customize your push present jewelry is with birthstones. Think of a family ring with all family members’ birthstones or a necklace with baby’s birthstone. There are endless options to choose from, and all are sure to be loved by any new mom.

Push presents are simply gifts from the heart that show your undying gratitude for and recognition of the pregnancy and childbirth journey. They can be as minimal or extravagant as you like or can afford and are meant to show a new mom she’s appreciated.

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