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Try these sunburn remedies for kids when things get too hot

Sometimes the sun beats the sunscreen. When it does, these sunburn remedies will help your child heal right up

Kids sitting on beach chairs in the sand.
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Sometimes we get a sunburn no matter how much sunscreen we apply, or how often. And children are much more sensitive to the sun’s rays, so if you don’t reapply to the second, their precious skin burns up on the spot. If the sunscreen didn’t do all it could and your child comes home looking like a tomato, here’s what to put on a sunburn to help them be more comfortable while they heal.

Cool things off

  • Cool bath or shower
  • Cool compresses on the burns

Once everyone is inside and the burn starts to show, your child’s skin will feel the heat. Get them cooled down as soon as possible to minimize the other side effects of sunburn that will pop up later.

The key is a cool bath or shower. The water shouldn’t be freezing, but you don’t want it too warm, as that will upset the burn. Follow this up with cool compresses (cool washcloths) to keep the worst spots under control. You could even make a game out of letting your child run ice cubes over their burns to cool them down.

Manage the pain

  • Pain relief medicine
  • Extra fluids

You know how utterly miserable sunburn makes you. Imagine that pain on a little body, and you’ll want to give your child a bit of ibuprofen.

Another way to keep the pain away is to keep them hydrated. Have your kiddo drink as much water and fluids as they will take. Have them drink extra fluids for at least two days, preferably three.

Lather up the burns

  • Apply creams or lotions
  • Put on lots of aloe vera

It’s all about the lotions and creams. You want ones that have aloe vera, oatmeal, or soy to help relieve the burned skin. Keep away from ones that have alcohol or any fragrance at all, as those will sting badly. Stay away from petroleum, too, as that keeps the heat in.

You could buy an aloe vera leaf and apply the gel directly to the burned area a few times a day for at two to three days. Fresh aloe is amazing and is great to always have on hand when you have kids.

Kids playing outside at a splash pad
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Stay covered while the burn heals

  • Loose clothing
  • Light fabrics

What you might overlook during the healing process is what to do when your child needs to leave the safety of the house and go back out in the sun. While sunscreen should be an absolute priority, you want to check what your child is wearing.

Find whatever they have in their closet that is a light, natural material that fits them loosely. You don’t want anything too tight that will rub their sensitive skin raw.

Having a child with a sunburn won’t be sunshine and rainbows. Whether it was too long at the park or on the splash pad, if you want your mini human to get through with a little less pain and suffering, these sunburn remedies will be your best friends.

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