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5 fantastic football movies to watch with the family Super Bowl weekend

Family football movies to prep for Super Bowl Sunday

Football movies for family night definitely score a touchdown on Super Bowl weekend. The big game doesn’t kick off until Sunday evening, and football movies are a fabulous way to get excited for the Super Bowl. Even if some family members aren’t into the gridiron, football movies are always inspiring and usually require a box of tissues.

It’s also the perfect time to preview those Super Bowl snacks you have planned. So, what are the best family football movies? We’ve got the top picks for your Super Bowl pregame movie kickoff.

Table filled with snacks ready for family football movies
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Family football movies

Sports movies are a fan favorite and a great pick when you’re looking for a feel-good flick. These five family football movies make for a fun movie night to jumpstart Super Bowl weekend.

The Blind Side

This 2009 movie is based on the true story of former Baltimore Ravens football player Michael Oher. The movie chronicles Michael’s rise from poverty in Tennessee to the NFL. It stars Sandra Bullock and was directed by John Lee Hancock. The Blind Side is rated PG-13 and will appeal to tweens and teens.


Another autobiographical football movie, Rudy is based on the lifelong dream of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger. Rudy always wanted to play football with Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish. The only problem was he didn’t have the grades, size, or athletic ability to play the game. This 1993 film starring Sean Astin as Rudy is a wonderful watch, especially with tweens and teens, because of the life lesson of never giving up on your dream.

Brian’s Song

You may need a few boxes of tissues for this 70s football movie. Brian’s Song tells the story of Chicago Bears’ Brian Piccolo, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after turning pro in the 60s. Piccolo’s tragic story is told through his developing friendship with Bears’ teammate Gayle Sayres. Starring James Cann as Piccolo and Billy Dee Williams as Sayres, this enduring football classic was actually a made-for-television movie. Be sure to have the tissues right near the snacks. Even the most cynical of moviegoers have teared up watching this one.

Little Giants

After Brian’s Song, the family may need some comedic relief on the gridiron with this 90s football movie mainstay. The film stars Rick Moranis and Ed O’Neil as two brothers who coach peewee football teams. Of course, there’s a rivalry on the field and off, as well as a lot of laughs. Little Giants is rated PG and ideal for families of multiple ages.

Friday Night Lights

This 2004 movie is based on the book written by H.S. Bissinger about a high school football team in Texas and its run to the state championship. The entire town of Odessa is invested in the team. The book inspired the movie starring Billy Bob Thorton and led to a beloved television series. Friday Night Lights is definitely not for younger kids. It’s a great watch with older tweens and teens. If they love the movie, check out the series together.

Even if members of the household aren’t NFL fans, Super Bowl weekend is an ideal time to add football movies to a family night get-together at home. All five of these football movies are classics that have stood the test of time for a reason. They’re memorable.

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