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7 fun ways to entertain kids during the Super Bowl so you can enjoy the game

Prepare these activities to keep the kids busy during the Super Bowl

It’s that time of year again! The final Sunday football game. The Super Bowl is about to happen, and you’re getting your fan gear ready, making the snacks, and getting hyped up for the kickoff. If you plan to enjoy the Super Bowl and you have children, fear not! There are plenty of ways to watch the Super Bowl and entertain the kids at the same time. We’re here to help you focus on enjoying the game with these activities that will keep the little ones busy.

Mother and son coloring and playing on the floor
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Let the kids get crafty


There are plenty of coloring pages out there on the internet to print out. Set up a coloring station for the little ones! Print out football-themed coloring pages and set out crayons for them to use. What’s even more adorable is to set out the colors of the two teams facing off against each other.

Don’t have a printer? Go to your local library and print the pages off. Most libraries will even have themed pages ready to print.

Make pom-poms to cheer on the team

Grab crepe paper in the colors of the team you are rooting for (or both teams) and cut it into 12-inch strips. Once you have enough, staple them together. Grab duct tape and wrap it around where you stapled the crepe paper. If you want to take this craft up a notch, attach the pom-poms to a paint stick, which are free at any store that sells paint. This way, the kids will become the cutest cheerleaders at home.

Two kids having fun playing video games
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Let the kids play

Have a ‘game room’

While the grown-ups are watching the game, have the munchkins play their own games. Designate a room in your home as a “game room,” and lay out all kinds of games for the kids. It could be a variety of things — board games, Nintendo video games, or even football-themed games.

Lay out special snacks for them, too, like popcorn, chips, and other kid-friendly treats. That way, they will keep themselves occupied playing games while having just as much fun as the grown-ups!

Halftime fun with karaoke

You don’t even need to have a karaoke machine in order for the kids to do this as an activity. There are tons of lyrics videos on YouTube and all over the internet. Put one of those on and have the kids sing into whatever they want — even a hairbrush!

They could put on their very own halftime show for the adults or sing during the commercials. Make sure that everybody takes turns and gets to enjoy some quality karaoke time. For added fun, the kids in the audience could use the pom-poms they made to cheer on the singer. Let your kids show everyone what they’ve got!

Football bingo

Either create your own or find football-themed bingo cards to print out. Have the oldest child be the caller for the bingo numbers. For covering squares, little hands should use M&Ms or Skittles — because they double as a snack! Grab some little dollar-store toys as prizes to give out to the winners of the game.

Kids mixing dough in the kitchen
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Let the kids have their treats

Have a Sunday sundae

The Super Bowl is also all about the yummy foods that are set out during the game. We’ve seen people go all out and create whole stadiums out of cold cuts! While it’s not necessary to go that far, a fun way for the kids to have a delicious snack is to have a make-your-own sundae bar. Set out a flavor of ice cream, then fill bowls with all kinds of toppings, from hot fudge to sprinkles and, of course, whipped cream. The kids will have a blast making their own ice cream sundaes!

Bake football-themed cookies

If you have someone who loves to bake and doesn’t want to watch the game, have them bake football-themed cookies with the kiddos! All they need is a good sugar cookie recipe and a football-shaped cookie cutter. Once the cookies are in the oven to bake, have the kids play a board game to occupy their time until the cookies are ready. After they’re done, the children will have fun decorating the cookies to look just like little footballs. Don’t forget the milk to go along with the tasty treat!

There are plenty of activities for the kids to do while the adults watch the Super Bowl. It’s going to be loud anyway with everyone cheering their team on, so kids will fit right in. The game lasts a long time, so prepare at least a few of these activities to do throughout the Super Bowl to make sure everyone of every age has a fun time.

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