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8 cool holiday gift ideas for teens who have it all and hate everything

Don't panic, this is the list of holiday gifts for teens you need

If you have teenagers, the holiday season may look a little different from when you were the parents of little ones. Finding presents for a teen that won’t make them roll their eyes or give you that dead stare is tricky. There are only so many video games and electronic devices to get your teen before you run out of ideas.

Before you give up and start planning how to wrap up gift cards or cash, take a deep breath. We came up with a list of amazing ideas that will help get you through your Christmas shopping. Let’s look at eight different holiday gifts for teens that will get you a smile from your child, and maybe even a hug.

Grandpa opening gifts with his grandkids.

Practical gifts

Skin care is always appreciated

Oh, the joys of teenage hormonal acne. Your child could have everything they’ve ever wanted but still struggle with acne. Get them a kit like Murad’s Acne Control or create a personalized kit from their favorite brand.

If your child just loves skincare products, it is never too early to start a great routine that will help them love their skin for decades to come. Go to Sephora and look at the teen skincare section and make a fun basket of amazing skincare products. Boy or girl – everyone needs to take care of their skin.

A comfy hug

The teenage years are hard. Just because they don’t have big bills to pay or a mortgage to worry about doesn’t mean they lack things to stress about. If your teen needs some extra comfort when they are at home, get them the original Magic Weighted Blanket. Whether your child has anxiety or has trouble falling asleep, this blanket is like a hug from you and will help them feel calm.

Room accessories that serve a purpose

Some (or most) teens just want to stay in their room every minute they are home. Rather than trying to pry them out, make their room a comfortable space. Your room is set up to be your calming oasis, so help your teen enjoy being in their room as well.

Try grabbing a moon lamp. It changes color to match the room’s aesthetic, but it also gives off a soft, calming light to help your teen sleep better.

For the teen that always has their favorite items cluttering their bed, get your teen a bed shelf. If they have a smaller bed, it’s awesome because it hangs off of the side to create more space.

A teenage girl opening a Christmas present.

Gifts to complement their favorite hobby

Movie magic

We want this one for ourselves, but use the idea for your child. Get your little movie buff the 100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster. From oldies but goodies to the movies your kids will actually have heard of, this poster has 100 great movies for your teen to watch. Make it a fun family event where you try to knock the poster out together or let them complete it with on their own time.

Book box surprise

If your teen loves to read, get them a bookish box subscription. Whether you subscribe them up for a month or a year, a box full of adorable bookish items will entertain your bookworm. There are boxes with just books, boxes with self-care items, boxes with wearable bookish items, and so much more. There are plenty to choose from to find the right one for your teen.

Fandom love

Does your teen have a show they have to watch all the time? Then get them a replica item from that show. Something from Devi’s room in Never Have I Ever or a jacket their favorite character on Stranger Things wears would appease any teen. Find something specific they like from the show they are currently binging and snag it for them.

Teenage girls looking at presents they are opening

Gift ideas that are fun for everyone

Print out those phone pictures

If your child takes more pictures than they walk steps in a day, a camera accessory for their phone is a picture-perfect idea. A printer for their phone to print out some of those thousands of pictures to free up some space on their phone will benefit everyone. The HP Sprocket Portable Instant Photo Printer prints the pictures with a sticky back so your teen can put pictures in their locker, room, or on their laptop.

Make everyone a delicious treat

If your kid loves to help in the kitchen — take that idea and run with it. There is a cookbook theme based on pretty much any show or movie. Grab your teen a copy of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and learn how to make treacle tarts. Or wear pink on Wednesday and let your kid try to make something from The Burn Cookbook. You’ll get meals and treats made for the whole family to enjoy, and get to see your child use their Christmas gift at least once.

We know there is at least one gift idea for your teen on this list. We hope you are now excited to brave the stores or ready to get comfy and order from your couch. No matter what your teen is interested in, you’ll know at least one of their presents won’t get stuffed in their closet. Have an easier holiday shopping experience with our holiday gift guide, and if you know of another parent struggling with ideas, help them out and pass this list along.

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