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6 great gifts to get your toddler this holiday season

Having a toddler is such a fun time. They can play, they can actually do things with you, and they can get into everything. You’re going to miss it when it’s over. Lean into it and enjoy. Shopping for a toddler for a holiday is the best. You finally get to hang out in the toy aisle.

Your toddler has favorite shows, characters, and movies now. They have a little personality. They will be excited about the holidays this year. You’ll get to see their face light up when you find the coolest toy from their favorite movie. Let’s check out some amazing gifts for your toddler for Christmas.

Two toddler grls playing with blocks
Oksana Kuzmina/

For the toddler who likes to go

If your toddler is always on the move (really, when aren’t they?), then you want to go with it and get them a toy to match their spirit.

  • Step2 Up and Down Roller Coaster – $139.99 on Amazon

This is so cute. It’s a little mini track for your child to race (and race safely) inside the house. So when the weather isn’t the best, or you don’t feel like going outside, you can set it up inside. This slide will encourage taking turns and sharing if there are more kids in the house. It’s also pretty self-sufficient, so your kids might actually be able to let you have a hot (or warm) cup of coffee for once.

  • Vtech Sit-to-Stand Walker – $44.99 on Amazon

Vtech always has the best developmental presents for your little one. This toy is great because if your child isn’t walking yet, they can sit in front of it to play. Then when they learn to pull themselves up and want to take those first few steps, they can do that too. It has lights, sounds, sensory pieces, and more, so it can keep your child happy for a while.

For the thinker toddler

If you have a more serious toddler (how cute are they), then flashy lights and sounds might not impress them. You might need to find something a little more simple.

  • Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker – $18.99 on Amazon

If your child likes more hands-on toys and puzzles, then these wooden stacks are good. They can learn their colors, shapes, counting, and more with these bright and colorful stacks.

  • Jasonwell Aqua Magic Doodle Mat – $21.99 on Amazon

At first glance, you might think this is just a large coloring page. Think again. Your toddler will be able to explore colors, ABCs, animals, and much more. Plus, it uses a water pen, so the whole marking-up-the-entire-wall thing is taken away too. It’s like a present for yourself as well.

A toddler boy playing with some blocks
Ryan Fields

The techy toddler

If your little one can already work your phone and remote better than you can, then maybe you should get them a kid-friendly tech toy for the holidays. With the world going more towards better technology, you want to nurture that.

  • My First Crayola Touch Lights Musical Doodle Board – $24.99 on Amazon

This is a great starter tech toy for your toddler. They get to use their fingers like they would on your phone. The lights, sounds, and colors will keep your little one entertained. It’s also quite easy to take with you when traveling too.

  • Vtech Lil SmartTop – $19.99 on Amazon

You could give your child their own little laptop so they can do their work right beside you. With almost a dozen different activities, this baby laptop can help your child learn songs, shapes, letters, and more. If your child has a little too much interest in your laptop, maybe this should be on their list.

Well, there you go. You should be able to find something really cool for your toddler. Getting to play with all of the older kid toys is so much fun. Even though you may not be able to figure out how to use them, know that your child is so stinking smart and will be able to teach you in no time.

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